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 When playing music with Spotify and working out, after S Health's audio guidance of workout ends, music does not resume.

If I play music with the native player, music will resume in Spotify the first time after guidance speaks, but won't resume the following times.

Without Spotify installed, native player works as expected.

Hey all,


This should be fixed now.


If this is still an issue for you, please let us know by creating a thread in the relevant Help Boards 🙂


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I have the same issue, it's a new bug, it was working well before.

Seems to be related to a recent update.



I know, I reported it both to Samsung and Spotify support, but neither seem to have any interest in fixing it soon.




Any update regarding this issue ??????




I am having the same issue and for me this renders the entire watch to nothing more than JUNK! As a runner I rely on audio feedback at set intervals during my runs and I sure as **bleep** don't need to be having to manually restart my music every freeking time said feedback goes off. This is just insane! Since there is no other option than this pos service I'll be returning this watch for something that offers alternative options. JUNK!


They need to fix this bug as soon as possible. How the **bleep** on earth, a fitness watch that could not play music while working out.

Same issue here. It works well before the update. I have been tried out twice Tidal for the secoud time, so far, because of Spotify bug. Please fix it. It is a real shame.

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Hey there folks,


We're seeing reports that playback doesn't resume after Samsung Health's audio guidance ends on your Samsung Galaxy Watches. 


If you haven't already, we'd recommend trying the steps below:

  1. Reinstall app on your phone
  2. Reinstall app on the watch
  3. Re-pair the watch with Bluetooth

You can also make sure that all your devices are up-to-date with any software updates.


If the issue persists after that, we'd appreciate the following details so our tech teams can take a closer look:

  • Your device and its OS version
  • The version of the Spotify app on your phone
  • The version of the Spotify app on your watch
  • Does this occur when using any Bluetooth connected headphones?
  • Any screenshots or screensrecordings of what happens would be useful

We'd also suggest adding your +VOTE to make sure you stay updated. Thanks!


Here is the timeline.

S7 Edge

- On galaxy watch, before the latest Tizen: No problem.

- After the update to the latest Tizen: Problem arised.

- Test with Tidal on galaxy watch: No problem, Tidal doesn't pause. I hear S Health's audio guidance along with music from Tidal.

- Test with Fit Evolution on galaxy watch: No problem, Spotify doesn't pause. I hear Fit Evolution's audio guidance along with music from Spotify.

S10 (My new phone)

- Spotify is freshly installed on the new phone.

- Freshly pair galaxy watch to new phone. S10 forced me to hard reset the watch. I did it.

- The watch booted up with the latest Tizen.

- Restored app and setting from Samsung account. Everything went well. All setting and apps, accept for Spotify app, came back as before.

- Search for Spotify on Galaxy Store, no Spotify app available.

- Someone in Spotify forum provided a direct link to Spotify app on Galaxy Store. I installed it from there.

- Problem still persists. Playback still doesn't resume after S Health's audio guidance but Remote Control feature is back. (3 months ago, this feature is broken by an update of Spotify app on the phone.)

- Yesterday, I visited Galaxy Store and found Spotify app on Galaxy Watch as an update. I did update it but no fix, still no playback resume. Remote contral feature is still good.


The Watch

Galaxy watch 42mm. (SM-R810)

Tizen v.

Software v.R810xxu1bsa4

Spotify v2.1.8

The Phone S10

Android 9.0

Spotify v8.4.96.953


The symptom occurs when

- Use bluetooth headphone (wireless earbud)

- No phone involves. Just play Spotify in standalone mode but go offline. Listen from downloaded songs available on the watch.

- No matter S Health activity (Running, Weight Training etc.) is when audio guidance goes off, Spotify will stop and never resume by itself.


Hope these helps.



Hi Katerina, I already provided the information you're requesting long time ago. I even sent videos of the issue to your support team, and the only answer I got was: "it's a Samsung problem, contact their support".

I think it's a bit reiterative that you keep requesting info for an issue that seems so easy to reproduce and for which plenty of info has already been provided on this thread.

Hope you can work it out.






I've tried as you suggested to uninstall/install the 2 apps.


The problem is still here..




@VerrNum wrote:



I have the same issue, it's a new bug, it was working well before.

Seems to be related to a recent update.

same situation as mine, before it is ok 2.1.7, but when I upadte it 2.1.8, it can't resume after S health guidance.

my watch is galaxy 46mm LTE

it seems you solve one problem but induce another problem.