Music stops playing after 10 minutes when headphones are connected

  • Hello,


For some time now the Spotify app on my Samsung S10 has been stopping playing music after about 10 minutes every time I'm listening through headphones. It happens when I'm connected via Bluetooth headphones or wired headphones. 


Weirdly, when I play music through the phone's speakers the problem does not occur. 


I've tried reinstalling the app, changing the app's battery saving settings and made sure my phone doesn't put the app into the sleep mode. None of the above resolved the issue. 


Please help.





Samsung S10

Operating System

Android 10, One UI 2.1

Hey everyone,


Thanks for reporting this to us. We've passed it along to the right teams and they're looking into it.


If you’re experiencing this issue, we'd first recommend to perform a clean reinstall. You can find the exact steps to do so here.


In case the issue still persist, please add your +VOTE and make sure to leave a comment with the following info below:

  • Exact Spotify version
  • Device (make + model) + OS version
  • Available memory on device
  • Do you have any cache-clearing, task-killing or battery saving apps installed?
  • Is your device rooted?
  • Are you listening through wired or Bluetooth headphones?
  • Is this happening while listening offline/online or both? 

We'll be on the lookout for your replies - thanks!

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Hello @koobek!


Thanks for reaching out. In this case, I'd recommend checking out this Spotify Answer for the next steps to take in order to solve your issue.


Hope this helps 🙂


I have exactly the same problem. Have you already found a solution?

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Hello @kg_54-mab71i!


Can you let me know if you tried following the steps provided in the Spotify Answer above? If so, can you let me know which steps you tried and what result you get?


Thank you 🙂


Hey, thanks for your answer!


I've tried a clean reinstall of the app. After that, the issue is still there. The problem does only occur, when an audio cable is plugged. 


It's always the same process: I'm listening to (downloaded) music and after 10 minutes or so, the app stops playing. When I turn my phone on, the preview player has disappeared and I have to open the app again. Fortunately, Spotify remembers where it has stopped. 


Interesting fact: When I use the Spotify app while listening, like adding a song to the queue, the timer is set back and I have to wait a new ten minutes from that point, until it stops playing.


I have this issue for a few weeks now.


Spotify Version

Android 5.1.1

Galaxy S6


Hope this helps.

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Hello @kg_54-mab71i!


It looks like you have an older version of Android. It would be great if you could check whether there are any updates available for your device.


Keep me posted!


Same problem here... It is very frustrating when music stops playing while you're running or when relaxing with mindfulness. I have granted all rights to Spotify. 

Please fix this bug. 

I have an OnePlus 7T pro

Casual Listener

Hi all, 

I managed to find a solution to this problem. 

What you need to do is a clean reinstall of the Spotify app.


It means that it isn't enough just to delete the app and install it again. You have to delete every file and bit of memory linked with Spotify from your phone. Then you have to restart your phone, download the app again, install it and login. There can't be any Spotify data on your phone. 


Just Google how to do a clean uninstall on Android and restart your phone. Hope this helps. 


Unfortunately it didn't solve the issue. Still closes the app after 10 minutes 😞


Same problem. As you can see, I already replied in this thread before. In the meantime I got a new phone (Galaxy S10+) and the problem is still there. 


Would love to hear if anyone finds a solution. I am having the same problem.