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Music stops playing after 10 minutes when headphones are connected

  • Hello,


For some time now the Spotify app on my Samsung S10 has been stopping playing music after about 10 minutes every time I'm listening through headphones. It happens when I'm connected via Bluetooth headphones or wired headphones. 


Weirdly, when I play music through the phone's speakers the problem does not occur. 


I've tried reinstalling the app, changing the app's battery saving settings and made sure my phone doesn't put the app into the sleep mode. None of the above resolved the issue. 


Please help.





Samsung S10

Operating System

Android 10, One UI 2.1

Hey there folks,


We appreciate the recent comments confirming that things seem to be up and running again with the newest app version.


In case you are still experiencing this issue, we'd recommend making sure your device and operating system are up-to-date.

If you have any further questions, feel free to create a new thread in the relevant help board here.


Thanks again!

I tried, but unfortunately Spotify still stops after 10 minutes of playing.
Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey everyone,


Thanks for reporting this to us. We've passed it along to the right teams and they're looking into it.


If you’re experiencing this issue, we'd first recommend to perform a clean reinstall. You can find the exact steps to do so here.


In case the issue still persist, please add your +VOTE and make sure to leave a comment with the following info below:

  • Exact Spotify version
  • Device (make + model) + OS version
  • Available memory on device
  • Do you have any cache-clearing, task-killing or battery saving apps installed?
  • Is your device rooted?
  • Are you listening through wired or Bluetooth headphones?
  • Is this happening while listening offline/online or both? 

We'll be on the lookout for your replies - thanks!


Spotify version

Device : OnePlus 7T Pro with Android 10 and not rooted.

Memory is 8GB

I do not have any task killing apps.

I use bluetooth headphones.

And it happens when offline. Not always though. Sometimes it keeps playing.


I don´t know what´s happening.
Does not exist Spotify custumer service.
We costumer have the mission to find teh solution.


Hi there, I'm having a similar problem...for some time now...after a few songs...10 minutes or less or sometimes more, the playlist stops playing (befire all the songs in the playlist have been played). It didn't always do this but for about 2 Months now it's been doing this. I have spotify premium. Some days it is worse than others...for no particular reason that i can identify. Im not using the phone except for playing music...plugged into a speaker. For me it does it whether or not Bluetooth is turned on and whether I am using Spotify offline or online. I have a Samsung Galaxy J7Pro. My phone is a quality one quite new and is definitely not rooted. There are no apps that I know of on my phone that kill anything. My phone is virus free and i have previously gone through and removed all unnecessary or any trouble causing apps. Help please! Thank You!

Hi Friend
Welcome to our common problem...
If us don't have the premium condition we could accept it, but paying
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And Spotify doesn't pronunciate about it

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Please stay calm. As you can see, the issue reported in this thread is already under investigation.


My first reply in this thread was almost two months ago. Today, more and more people have the same problem and answered in this thread. This makes me hope that it is a wider problem which may be easier to find.


Here are my facts:

> Exact Spotify version

> Device (make + model) + OS version

Samsung Galaxy S10+, Android 10

> Available memory on device

89,9 GB available 

> Do you have any cache-clearing, task-killing or battery saving apps installed?


> Is your device rooted?


> Are you listening through wired or Bluetooth headphones? 


> Is this happening while listening offline/online or both?

I'm mostly listening offline. I haven't tested yet if it occurs while listening online. 


During the last two or three months the problem occurred every time, when I started playing and didn't use Spotify in that time. After like 10 minutes, the app stopped playing. Nowadays, the problem does not always occur, like it didn't today for example. I'll keep testing and will inform you about my results. 




Oh and I'm wondering if the amount of songs that are downloaded has an influence on the problem. The app tells me that I have downloaded 3,7 GB of music in normal quality. 




I just tested a bit and here are my results.

Bluetooth & online -> Playing music hasn't stopped after 15 min.

Bluetooth & offline -> Playing music hasn't stopped after 15 min.

Wired & offline -> Playing music hasn't stopped after 20 min.


It seems that the issue is fixed in the current version ( Please remember to make an update and report in this thread, if you are still experiencing the issue. 


Note: I'm not affiliated with Spotify, I'm just a normal user who is a tester by profession. My daily job is testing software and keeping in touch with our developers.

We pay for an app that doesn't work.
Spotify knows this and does nothing.

Hey there folks,


Thanks for keeping us in the loop!


@kg_54-mab71i glad to hear that things seem to be that things seem to be up and running again on the latest version! Don't hesitate to give us an update here if you need more help, making sure to include all relevant info 🙂


@renecasarin and everyone else still experiencing this issue, could you make sure that you're running the latest version available and let us know how it goes?


We'll be keeping an eye out for your updates!