Music stops playing through out the day.

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 Windows 7 Personal Computer.   -My issue is as follows.  My music continually stopping while playing, where I have to (x) out  to restart my music. This happens several times a day.  Yes, I have reinstalled several times along with a safemode install, plus an additional 8 other steps your customer service team has sent me.


Same problem with me it can't get through a song before it stops playing I need my music to get through the work day and I have just given up trying to play music with Spotify I have reinstall many times and followed all steps nothing helps htc one app

I'm having the exact same problem with my Windows 7 machine. 


The music just stops

The music just kind of poops out sometimes mid song sometimes in between songs. 

The problem can be temporarily mitigated by closing out and reopening Spotify. 


This has been happening for the last 2 weeks or so. 


This is the exact same issue I have been having since the last two updates. Sometimes it will be 3 tracks, other times 5. It rarely gets past 5 tracks before it just stops playing. Nothing helps. I have to restart the application and it will last for a few more songs and do the same thing. Thankfully I am not paying for the subscription but it appears to be happening with paid and free versions based on comments. 

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