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My music list has been removed and some random song added.

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I recently been found out that my account has been logged out. After i resetted the password and login, all my music that i saved is all gone. And some random other music in it. 


Can u help me restore all my previous saved song? Mostly is EDM song. I dont want to go through my list and remove them 1 by 1. And find back all my favourite song and save it again.


If possible, help me log out all session in device and reset my password. Your setting in the web is not working. My Spotify account is still login in my ios iphone and ipad. 


please help. 

Status changed to: Closed

Hi @Michael_lok2020!


We think you might be logging in to a different account. You can check if you have an additional one by following these instructions.


If that's not the case, you can try to recover your playlists by heading here.


Keep us posted.


Hey @Michael_lok2020,


Were you able to recover your playlists?


Let us know if you need more help in regards to this issue.


We're here for you 🙂 


Its not the playlist is missing. it's the song that i "saved". 


Anyway, i just 1 by 1 remove them all. Then 1 by 1 add back. 


Hey @Michael_lok2020,


Since you weren't able to recover your songs, we'd like to take a closer look.


Could you get in touch with us through our Contact FormYou can also get in touch with our Account's team from any of our social media help sites: @SpotifyCares on Twitter and Spotify Cares on Facebook.


Our best,

Status changed to: Closed