My profile picture keeps disappearing





Operating System

Trying all this on Windows 10


My Question or Issue

I try to change the photo of my profile, but every time I upload a new photo, it shows that everything is in order, but when I restart the Spotify app, I see nothing.

I reinstalled Spotify several times (also deleted everything in appdata) and my account is not connected to Facebook.

Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to say that it should now be fixed for everyone!


If you happen to still experience it, try the following to make sure the app will sync and update with your action:

In case the issue persists even after trying the steps, can you make a new thread in the relevant board here? We'll get back to you there.




same issue here:


I can upload an image but then it won't save it. If I refresh it goes away.


I try reinstalling, upgrade, change image size, compression, etc... but no luck (i'm not linked on facebook)


(mac 10.14.5 - spotify


Did we basically get told it’s our fault? I mean multiple people on this thread have tried what the tech team carefully outlined and we are still having an issue.


Nothing is more frustrating than being told it’s your fault for this problem. I tried all of the steps exactly and performed multiple clean installs and tried to upload a pic that’s 16-17k... ugh 😩 







I have to agree with @JimmyNacho here. Your recent response is not acceptable and follows the same guidelines as your first reply. MANY of us on this post have already followed EXACTLY the steps you've mentioned (thorough uninstall/reinstall, less than 4MB picture, wait for refresh, etc.). This issue is not on our end but on YOURS. This seems to be a backend issue. If you are trying to buy time then simply be honest and forward about it instead of repeating the same steps and redirecting the issue back to us, the users. We will patiently await for a proper reply and course of action on this issue. We are all here because we deeply care about Spotify, so let's be productive about this! 🙂




"Our tech team have looked into and carefully investigated it."


If that's true, I'm sure weary of keeping my 8+ year membership running with this company, because that's morbidly frightening as the remediation steps outline were basically the "have you tried restarting your computer yet" equivalent.


I mean, come on?


I have this issue across TWO OS's. Both Windows and Mac. I've removed and reinstalled this application across both OS's.

We're talking about uploading a profile photo to Spotify and your remediation steps are providing instruction on connecting it to Facebook--what? For most of those connected to Facebook, we wouldn't even be here trying to upload a profile photo to Spotify. I for one do not have Spotify connected to Facebook.


C'mon guys, are you even trying here? 




The issue persisted for me despite trying all of the recommendations in the latest status update, except linking to Facebook which I can't do because I don't have a Facebook account.


I can't customize my picture, and it's linked to my facebook and automatically takes my FB profile picture. 

This is bad because Spotify doesn't have the block option and I have a stalker.  Having my picture up provides an opportunity for him and his friends to find my Spotify and harass me that way.


Please fix this ASAP - I can't even remove my profile picture.


Hi, I am on a family plan, using Mac OS Mojave and I've been trying to update my profile picture for over a week and nada. My account is not, nor has it ever been connected to facebook. 

Casual Listener

I'm also having this problem on spotify premium for windows and mac os. I've tried uninstalling and then reinstalling twice but it makes no difference.

  • Ensure that the file you're trying to use as your profile picture is not too big and is on the format our app accepts (must be .jpeg.jpg, or .png with a maximum size of 4 MB).

It's 24kb


  • Try different internet connection.

I tried in a different town on both wired and cell


Newly built pc with freshly installed windows 10 latest version with never before installed Spotify


  • Connect the account to Facebook (for Spotify-created accounts). For already linked profiles, unlink-relink Facebook and see if that triggers the update of the profile pic.

I will cancel Spotify Premium if Facebook becomes required to use all the functionality.


  • Try to re-upload the image you want and wait for 24 to 48 hours while staying logged in to the app after the initial attempt.



I’m using a 2016 MacBook that has the newest update on it and also the most recently updated Spotify app as well