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Nike + running app repeating same song


My Nike + Run Club App, on my iPhone, has suddenly started to just repeat the first song from a selected album.  The same album I've been listening to whilst I run for about 2 years!


It's not on shuffle, and the album plays fully when listening through Spotify itself, so it doesn't look like it's an issue with the actual albums playlist.


I've made sure the App is up to date and unselected and reselected the album through the Nike App, I've tried to look for other possible solutions in the App but I'm stumped to what it may be. Anyone else had this issue or have any advice?


Many thanks



Hey folks,


Thank you for reporting this issue to us.


We just wanted to let you know that the right folks are looking into this.


We're not able to provide an exact timeline for a fix, but we'd recommend always keeping your Spotify app up to date to ensure you're on the latest version.


Thanks again!


If you have an apple watch, use the watch for Nike Run Club and use your phone with airpods or just earphones and that should fix your error.


Hello - apologies for the late reply!
Thank you for your suggestion, but I don't have an Apple Watch so have to use the App through my iPhone. 

Surely there must be a technical solution to this?






I have this issue with the pace created lists. Any Spotify playlist, either mine or those generated by Nike Run, do not play at all!


I do have a watch, but don’t feel using the watch for one thing (running) and the phone for another (music) is a solution.


Up until recently, Nike Run had a beautiful integration with Spotify. Now all my pace created lists only play one song. I deleted them and created new ones, same thing, same song too. 


The Spotify playlists do not play at all. Music on Nike Run is simply busted at this time.


same exact issue.  repeats the first song.  any fix yet?


Hi Keith - I had a live chat with Spotify, and after a few suggestions of logging out etc, the last solution they offered was to delete and reinstall the NIKE App, I left the chat as I couldn’t do it there and then, but realised later that if I were to do this I would lose my run history so didn’t try it. I didn’t contact Spotify again as I didn’t feel like they had a solid answer to the problem.... 

Instead, I created a new playlist called RUN and copied the tracks into that folder. Not the best solution but it worked....for now 🙂


I have updated the Spotify app and NRC app to latest. I have reset Network settings on my iphone. 


Today this seems to work: launch the NRC app. Mine auto starts the run. Pick an existing Spotify playlist— either yours or one of NRC app’s playlist; not a Pace created one. Quit the NRC app. Relaunch the NRC app. The run autostarts and the playlist begins to play. The playlist is playing with all the songs. 


Creative workaround, but this is ridiculous.

The support team for NRC app say they are aware of issue. I will share info
when I hear from them. Hopefully a fix is coming soon.
Thanks for the update, much appreciated! 🙂

I have the same issue, hope nike answers soon.