No internet connection/ app shows offline despite on WiFi or data


Hi. For the past few days, I've been completely unable to use spotify on mobile data. I have the allowance to do so but all the tracks are grayed out and I get a "no internet connection" error at the bottom. It works perfectly fine on WiFi.


I have tried:

Uninstalling and reinstalling 

Logging out and back in several times



I have the Premium Student plan and a Samsung Note 10.



Thanks for your patience so far! 


If you're experiencing this, could you make sure to try the following first:


  • Log out and log back in the app with your login details
  • Restart your device
  • Thoroughly reinstall the app with these steps 
  • Use a different connection
  • Check your firewall and antivirus software/apps to make sure Spotify is whitelisted/set as an exception
  • If the issue is happening on mobile data, make sure Spotify has the permission to use data under App Permissions.
  • For Android users: Make sure the Spotify app is closed. Open the following URL in the mobile Chrome browser: chrome://net-internals/#dns and click on DNS (if not already marked). There is a button saying "Clear host cache" - press that button. Next click on Sockets and press "Flush socket pools". Start the Spotify app.
  • For Windows users

    1. Close/exit the Spotify app.
    2. Click on the Start Icon.
    3. Write cmd and open Command Prompt.
    4. The Windows Command Prompt Window will appear. Type in: ipconfig /flushdns and press ENTER.
    5. You should receive the following message: Windows IP Configuration. Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache.
    6. Open the Spotify application.

If the issue persists after that, add your +VOTE to let us know. We'd also recommend making sure that you're rocking the latest update available as our tech teams are looking into this.  If you could provide a video which shows the issue, that'd be great!

We'll keep you posted here on any other updates we have on our end so don't forget to subscribe to this thread

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Dear Spotify Team,

thanks for your reply but all the mentioned steps are not solving the
problem. I have tried everything several times. Please find attached a
video about my problem „Spotify is offline when connected to Wifi“.

IPhone X
IOS 13.3.1
Spotify Version

Thanks and best regards
Julian Konrad

I just opened iTunes for the first time in years because this is such a persistent problem.  What are you doing to solve this and when can we expect a solution for the 'premium' service we pay for?


Started happening to me too, today. Only on Wifi.


- Router Firewall settings were set to off as a test.

- Logged out, but it doesn't let me log in either now! ("A firewall may be blocking Spotify..." error).

- Reinstalled (full) - no dice.

- Web versions works fine though.


Happens on all our machines - PC, Mac, Android, etc




It turns out that Spotify no longer want to work with my Getflix DNS servers as of today, despite never having a problem for the several years I've been on both services.


Removing the DNS servers and Spotify starts to work again.


Is there any chance we can have this back working, Spotify? Or, is this the new norm?



Premium subscriber, iMac Pro macOS 10.15.3, Naim Uniti Atom


It was working perfectly on my Mac and Unit Atom until today after the latest update, now neither will connect, nor will my iPad which has just updated the app too. I've tried all the troubleshooting tips, most of which seem support 101, to no effect.


However, I tried using a VPN on my MAC and that did help, but still nothing on my Atom. 


Is this going to get fixed or need to cancel subscription and move over to Apple Music - which is not my preferred option, but hey, if Spotify cannot provide a working service for the money we spend... 




My Spotify Windows app has the same issue. Proxy is properly set but the app tries to directly connect to server in some cases for unknown reason. It does use proxy partially though as I can see from my proxy logs.

The behavior is similar to


My issue with not being able to update spotify or to log into my spotify desktop software or my microsoft store spotify app has been solved by uninstalling my third party antivirus software which had its own firewall . The name of this software is called Vipre Advanced Security . I have a lifetime subscription to this software and had been using it for years with no problems . I had all the firewall rules set to allow regarding everything spotify. I don't know what changed with the Vipre software in the last few months. At first I just shut down the Vipre software and seen that I was able to log in to spotify, then I restarted Vipre and I was blocked from logging in to spotify once again. So now I completely uninstalled everything regarding Vipre and now all is well once again. They say the Windows 10 Defender built in antivirus and firewall are enough to protect your pc . I hope so. I just wanted to share this in case anyone sees themselves in my case.


Windows 10, using (Microsoft Store version).


I've had this on and off for a while but now the error is showing all the time.


I have uninstalled/reinstalled (also deleted my appdata folders). Tried on various VPN connections, tried different DNS, cleared DNS cache, enabled a proxy, etc. Nothing works.


Until I reinstalled I could play music that I had downloaded. Weirdly the application is happy to let me log in and out so must have a connection at that point.


Please fix this ASAP, it's unacceptable to have a subscription based service that is broken for so long.


Hey there folks,


Thanks for adding these details!


@z8888jay@hankaviator@marky_t - thanks for adding these details! If possible, could you try attaching a video of what's happening? It'll help our teams investigating this. Just make sure that there's no private or sensitive info displayed.


@Juliankon - it looks like the video you attached is not showing up in the Community! Could you give it another try? We'll make sure to pass it along to the right folks.


@tnaseem - thanks for adding this! We've passed it along to our tech teams.


We'll keep you posted here once we have any updates 🙂

Dear Spotify Team,

could you receive the video?

Best regards
Julian Konrad


I've tried all steps mentioned in the thread and have not been able to use Spotify on desktop for the last few weeks. No matter what, I get error code 4.


Is there really no ideas coming from the devs about this?