No internet connection/ app shows offline despite on WiFi or data


Hi. For the past few days, I've been completely unable to use spotify on mobile data. I have the allowance to do so but all the tracks are grayed out and I get a "no internet connection" error at the bottom. It works perfectly fine on WiFi.


I have tried:

Uninstalling and reinstalling 

Logging out and back in several times



I have the Premium Student plan and a Samsung Note 10.

Hey there folks,
We really appreciate all your reports so far!
Our tech teams have looked into this, but weren't able to reproduce it. Since this issue could be caused by individual network setups, we'll mark it as Not Right Now since it's something that will need to be looked into individually or could get resolved by an overall system and/or functionality change.
If you're experiencing this, we'd recommend making sure to try all the relevant steps first as these usually do the trick:
  • Thoroughly reinstall the app with these steps.
  • Check your firewall and antivirus software/apps to make sure Spotify is whitelisted or set as an exception.
  • Remove ALL entries from the Windows hosts file (not just the Spotify ones).
  • Uninstall any ad-blocker apps.
  • Run Windows in Safe Mode with Networking - if the app works with no issues there, we'd suggest adjusting different network settings and uninstalling any software that might be conflicting with Spotify's connectivity.
  • If possible, try connecting your desktop to the internet via a mobile hotspot. Should the app work through it, consult with your router's manufacturer.
  • If you're on a non-personal device or network (student laptop, student network, corporate laptop, corporate network) get in touch with the administrator for more help.
If you're still having troubles after checking all these, let us know by starting a new thread in the related Help Board and including all the steps you've tried so far and their outcome.
We'll be happy to take a closer look and lend a hand there!

Ya hice todos los pasos que se me indicó... la versión Spotify que estoy usando es


Spotify on Nintendo Switch since I loved PlayStation Music I want to say about Spotify coming to Nintendo Switch very soon


Hey @Darthpool2016,


Thanks for reaching out and sharing your idea. Do you mind creating a new thread in the relevant help board here, since this thread is specifically for an ongoing issue.


You could also have a look in the Idea Exchange, to see if someone else has already made a similar suggestion, and if not post your own.


The Idea Exchange is a great way for us to see what our users are interested in and how many people like a certain idea. You can read more about it here.


Hey folks,


We're still looking into this, but we just need a bit more info.


Could you let us know the following:

  • Is this happening on WiFi or mobile data?
  • If it's happening on mobile data check, can you confirm you have mobile data turned on for Spotify? 

Thanks - keep us posted!


Thanks Peter, for working on solutions to such an irritating, frustrating, unpleasant and annoying problem.
The answer is (at least in my case), which does not work with either WiFi or mobile data, I have tried to connect even with different WiFi signals and I cannot make the application work. The rest of applications that use the internet run perfectly well, both with WiFi and mobile data, so the option of having little or no internet signal is not very valid.
I told you that I have managed to run other spotify accounts on my cell phone, and they run without any problems, I can perfectly listen to any song, but when I enter my premium account, I simply cannot even enter the configuration, because only the label appears of "no internet connection". I also tell you that my account works perfectly on other phones, without any problem, so it is not a lack of payment or closing of a premium account.
In recent days, I have had to work with Web spotify, and it is very annoying, because it does not have the ease of the application, it closes when a certain time passes and I cannot use it continuously, I found myself in the need to open an account free, and I have not had problems with this (at least until now, because how is your application going, the truth, I no longer have confidence in spotify).
I hope the information serves you, and please, we wait for answers, solutions and real, not only the emails of: "we are doing everything possible, sorry for the inconvenience"
Thank you

  • Sure thing, about the WiFi/LTE Issues can happen thematically because of some service can lack the ability to listen to music if we kept having those crisis and My Birthday is in 3 weeks that I will turn 17 very soon
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@Johanna27 don't count on it. The only thing they can actually do is to ask silly questions re: the issue replication where they have many examples described herę since November. It makes me wonder about quality of the development team. If there's a f*** up with a new version in production why they cannot revert changes back to the version when all worked fine, investigate the issue internally and then push it to production once again? That's your famous DevOps Spotify?


I gave up some time ago, unistalled the current version, switched off the updates and installed old working version (apk).


Dear Spotify Community, I am facing a similar problem on my IPhone. When I am connected to any Wifi the Spotify App always shows „Offline“ after disabling Wifi everything works fine.


Plan: Premium

IPhone X

IOS: 13.3.1

Spotify Version:


Already tried:

- Delete Cache, Clean uninstall, reboot Iphone, new installation

- Different Wifi‘s

- Logout and Login

Connected to Wifi:

- Login not possible 

- Spotify is offline


Connected to Mobile Data:

- Everything works fine


The problem occurred two weeks ago after the IOS or Spotify Update and I couldn’t solve it until now. I just remember that there was a message shown, that Wifi is disabled for Spotify and I have to enable it under Iphone settings but I cannot find it.


I hope to get a solution for the problem.


Thanks and best regards 




After I updated my Windows Spotify desktop software and tried to log in, I keep getting error code : 30 . My firewall has been whitelisted for spotify for quite a while.

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Status changed to: Under investigation



Thanks for your patience so far! 


If you're experiencing this, could you make sure to try the following first:


  • Log out and log back in the app with your login details
  • Restart your device
  • Thoroughly reinstall the app with these steps 
  • Use a different connection
  • Check your firewall and antivirus software/apps to make sure Spotify is whitelisted/set as an exception
  • If the issue is happening on mobile data, make sure Spotify has the permission to use data under App Permissions.
  • For Android users: Make sure the Spotify app is closed. Open the following URL in the mobile Chrome browser: chrome://net-internals/#dns and click on DNS (if not already marked). There is a button saying "Clear host cache" - press that button. Next click on Sockets and press "Flush socket pools". Start the Spotify app.
  • For Windows users

    1. Close/exit the Spotify app.
    2. Click on the Start Icon.
    3. Write cmd and open Command Prompt.
    4. The Windows Command Prompt Window will appear. Type in: ipconfig /flushdns and press ENTER.
    5. You should receive the following message: Windows IP Configuration. Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache.
    6. Open the Spotify application.

If the issue persists after that, add your +VOTE to let us know. We'd also recommend making sure that you're rocking the latest update available as our tech teams are looking into this.  If you could provide a video which shows the issue, that'd be great!

We'll keep you posted here on any other updates we have on our end so don't forget to subscribe to this thread