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No notifications for nearly a year now.

For many months now I haven't received notifications of any sort. No playlist subs, no new music, no artist updates. Hel|, I don't even get notified when my friends share music with me! Before you ask for a screenshot (I've read the other million and a half topics of people complaining about this same thing and you guys doing nothing about it), all of my notification settings are turned ON. I use Spotify across two Win10 devices, a Mac running 10.11.6, an iPhone running iOS 10 (I still had these problems back on 9), and an Android device running 6.0.1.


The one thing that set Spotify apart from competitors such as Apple Music is the social aspect such as sharing music and colaborative playlists. Now these features are near useless because I don't receive notifications anymore and I can't even find the messages section in the iOS app to see what music my friends have sent me. Spotify is no longer worth my money and I will be looking into alternatives if Spotify doesn't get their act together. I'm so tired of coming on here every time I have a problem to find that people have been having the same problem for months or even YEARS!!!! Seriously, Spotify is a disgrace.

On May 15th, we will be turned off the in-app notifications "bell" on desktop. We are continuously working to improve and simplify our notifications features, and this change will allow us to shift our focus to email and push notifications. We are also working on completely new ways of keeping you up-to-date with new album releases, helping you discover new music, and know what your friends are up to.


To make sure you have your email and push notifications set up the way you'd like, check out the steps here.


Please share any feedback you have here in the Community. We're listening, and will pass it all on to the team.

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Hey @chickdan


Thanks for your post on the Community.


We're sorry to hear that you're not seeming to receive any notifications at all. So we can look into this, could you let us know the following:


  • On which platform the missing notification was expected:
  • If on mobile, check that you have push notifications enabled. For iOS: Settings > Notifications > Spotify.
  • A specific example of a notification you expected.
  • When you expected it:
  • Have you changed your notification settings recently?
  • How long have you not been receiving notifications of this type?

Once we have this information, we're sure that we can get this looked into further for you.





Same here. And the answers to your questions are easy:


On which platforms? All. I use Spotify on desktop (Mac), web player, iPhone (IOS 10) and iPad (IOS 10).

Of course I have push notifications enabled.

A specific example: when a friend shares a song with me. The song arrives, but I get no push notification or anything else for the matter. 

When you expected it: when the song arrived in my inbox, obviously.

Have you changed...? I have changed nothing. It stopped working months ago. Not that it worked well, but at least I got the effing notifications even if they were late and not in sync. Now, nothing.

How long? Hard to say. Definitely months.


Hey @myself.


Thanks for the info. We've passed this onto the tech team, who are currently investigating. @chickdan, let us know the details that @Jason asked for above, and we'll get this passed onto the team too. 







All of those questions were answered in my original post but if it needs to be bullet point then here: 

  • All Platforms, as I stated I have Spotify on Windows 10, macOS, iOS, and Android. 
  • As stated all notification settings are enabled, I haven't changed my settings on any platform since I signed up years ago. 
  • The notification type I expect is via email for artists adding new albums. Or if it is a message from a friend for a blue dot to appear on the notification drawer icon in the top right hand corner (desktop, can't even find notifications on iOS because it's so obscure and hidden if it's even part of the app still). 
  • As stated I expect a notification when a friend shares music via the Share function, or when music is added to a collaborative playlist. 
  • No, besides I have everything turned on anyway. 
  • Can't give you an exact amount of time, as statied it has been quite a few months. 

Thanks @chickdan! We've passed this onto the tech team, who are currently investigating.


As for notifications when a song is added to a collaborative playlist, we've stopped sending this type of notification, but we'll let the team know you miss them.







Hey @chickdan


It's been a while since we last heard from you. Are you still experiencing issues with your notification settings since the update? 


Keep us posted 🙂 




Still not working, on version and had a friend share a song this morning. No notificaiton whatsoever. 


Hey @chickdan! Just a quick update for you from the team behind notifications - we've stopped sending out a notification when your friends share a track.

You can view a full list of the notifications you should now receive on your account page. Let us know if any of these notifications still aren't making their way to you, though!


  1. "As for notifications when a song is added to a collaborative playlist, we've stopped sending this type of notification"
  2. "we've stopped sending out a notification when your friends share a track."


So little by little you guys are just removing features? Making the platform less appealing. Smart move.


I'm probably going to switch to Apple Music pretty soon since Spotify cares more about taking features away than keeping what makes it unique from every other platform. I'm also going to stop recommending Spotify to friends and colleagues since there really is no more benefit of it over any other platform.

You're echoing my thoughts chickdan. In fact, I have been testing Apple
Music for nearly one month. I'm glad to say that they have much more music
available (at least, for the kinds of music I prefer...). It's also better
integrated with my personal music library.

When my Apple Music three months trial expires, I'll have to choose one of
the two services, and to me Apple Music looks better in many ways.

One thing which made Spotify stand out was sharing, even though the
messaging features were always kind of sloppy. Removing notifications when
a friend sends you music... well, that's worse than sloppy. That's
breaindead. It basically means the only feature I still liked better than
Apple Music just became worthless.

I'm sad to see this platform go to the dogs, but this is the last straw for