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Notification Disappears/Bluetooth Controls Stop Working/App Not Showing In Certain Conditions

Issue: Under certain circumstances the notification will not appear. When this happens you are unable to use bluetooth controls. Additionally Spotify does not appear as a choice of music player or under power saving settings for apps.


Timing: The issue started about a week or two ago.


Device Info: I am running Android 6.0.1 on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge G935W8 (stock, unrooted) with the RWC CSC.


Trying to Replicate: I understand the developers need to replicate the problem to fix it and that has been quite a challenge for me as it seems to appear under different circumstances. I don't how I did it but I was able to capture the issue with a screen recorder (it does seem like swiping the app away, than launching it again, playing a song, and then pressing the home button is what caused it this time).


Now that I have concrete proof it's up to the developers to find out why. I feel I've done more than my fair share as a longtime paying customer (once again this happened at the worst time because I deactivated Facebook so I lost Spotify access so i just look like some random trial account pleb). Also I do want to note that while it took me almost 2 minutes to make it happen now, it has happened 3 times in a row while driving.


Image of app not appearing under power saving:


Image of app not being a choice as music player:


Video of the notification not appearing (took over a minute to make it happen):


I posted this as a reply but it is deserving of its own post IMO since I put the work into taking these screenshots and recording it.

We're closing this thread as we never received an answer from you. If you're still having the same issue, just give us a shout.
All the best 😃 

I can totally agree with this. I also have similar issues since some recent update of spotify on android. Also a lot of the time, the Controls appear only when not in the app (was this always like this?) but somewhere else like in another app but then not appear on lockscreen, which is also something not really great.

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Hey @BlueShell and @stefaneckstein!


It's odd that this happens. We've recently released a newer Android version, try a clean reinstall with these steps and let us know if it makes any difference. 


Keep us posted!


@FabianS_Bogota: Now it seems to work good again with the new notification. There's only this wierd bug sometimes, where the back-button is really big 😄



Hi @stefaneckstein!


That's odd. Can you try restarting your phone to see if this helps?


Keep us posted.

Status changed to: Closed
We're closing this thread as we never received an answer from you. If you're still having the same issue, just give us a shout.
All the best 😃