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Pixel 2XL

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I've never had Waze installed on my phone but today I started having a persistent notification from `Spotify connections` telling me that `Waze is connected`. What is Spotify connected to that it thinks is Waze? Because it's definitely not installed on my phone. If it's connected to something else, that's a big security concern for me.



This issue should now be fixed. Be sure to do a full reinstall using these instructions. Head over here if you are still experiencing this issue so we can further investigate.


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Casual Listener

I have this problem too. I do not have waze, i do not want waze. I have the box unchecked, but whenever i connect to spotify in my car, a persistant notification banner appears indicating that spotify is connected to waze.


Spotify Premium, Android, App is up to date as of 5/9/2019.


Same here


Same here.

Up-to-date Spotify on Android 9.


Never had Waze installed, setting for Waze is turned off.

Have to kill the app to get rid of the notification.


Also having this issue on OnePlus 6. Never had Waze installed.


Same here.

I do have Waze installed (and connected to Spotify) but neither is actively running and I never asked for a useless pointless persistent notification about it.


It started today (maybe after an update?), never had this issue before in my life.


Pixel 2XL, latest version.



I have the same problem, but a week ago I didn't. On a huawei P30


Yup.  Since this morning.  Don't have Waze, so I sure don't need to be told it's connected.  Spotify, what gives?


Add another to the list with this problem. Pixel 2XL user.


Add another one to the list, OnePlus 5 fully updated. No waze, don't want it either.


Android 9 + app is up to date. 


Same here on Pixel 3.

Waze is installed and connected to Spotify but neither are active. 

Never had a persistent notification before, but it does seem to go away occasionally, but always comes back. 

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