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Notification controls not working on Android app




United Kingdom 


OnePlus Three

Operating System

Android 8.0.0


My Question or Issue

Running Spotify armV7.

When I play a song, the Spotify icon doesn't show up in the notifications bar, and the player widget doesn't show up in the notifications tray or on the lock screen. This issue means that I have to switch back to the Spotify app in order to play/pause/change tracks.

Also, if I'm playing music in Spotify, and then open another app that plays video/music, the music coming from Spotify doesn't pause. It's as if the OS is completely unaware of the fact that Spotify is running.

I've also tested playing music using the Google Music and SoundCloud apps, and neither of these are exhibiting the same problems - it seems like the issue is down to the Spotify app and not the operating system.


Hey everyone,


Thanks for bearing with us!


This should be fixed. If you haven't already, please try performing a clean reinstall of the app on your Android devices by following the steps here.


If you're on a version newer than 8.4.72 and the issue persists, we'd recommend starting a new thread on our Help Boards.




I would just like to mention that I am also having many of the same issues. 


As well as I find the spotify app sometiems fails to display the proper song title. (it will say I am listening to a different song than is playing).

I am on the same device, OnePlus 6.


These issues are Quite annoying and hope a fix can be found quickly


“After some time of use, the notification controls disappear and I have to control the music by opening the app“

Same issue here with version armV7.


I too am experiencing that the notification controls disappears after some time (usually a song or two). The control bar in the app itself also disappears  frome time to time. 


I'm gonna go ahead and jump into the thread since I seem to have the same issue... The new update worked for a week after I cleared cache and data. But now it's back again.


The notification bar doesn't show up when I start playing music. Restarting the phone doesn't solve the problem. Like before I also find that the player bar within the app itself loses sync with the music. It can state that it is paused although music is playing, and pressing the play button will pause the music etc.


I'm not on the same hardware though, I have the OnePlus 6 with Android 8.1.0 and OxygenOS 5.1.9


Hi mate,

Have you tried going into Battery settings and marking Spotify as "Don't opmtize"?


I was having the same problem and noticed all the controls were back (the one in the lock screen inclusive) after I plugged my phone in to a power point.

I then changed the battery settings on my phone, specifically for Spotify app. Since then the controls in lock screen and notification bar haven't disappeared yet.


Hopefully this works for you too.




Same Issue with my OnePlus 6 it worked fine until a few weeks ago, now it disappears randomly while playing music or just outright freezes. 



Samsung Galaxy S9+ 


Model Number



Android Version



Security Patch

1 June 2018


What worked for me is to simply close it normally so it's less likely to create errors then force stopping it. In my case Apps (make sure it is on All apps) > Spotify > Force Stop.








I've started checking through notifications to see if maybe a silenced sound is causing Spotify to stop. So far, I've had steadier music while turning off a number of notifications. For developers, if you could figure out a way to optionally disable other sound or even auto-resume once interrupted if not a phonecall, that would help.



Google Pixel XL


Model Number



Android Version



Security Patch

5 August 2018



Nothing is helping on my phone. Using Spotify version on my Google Pixel XL on Android 9. Force stopping and a clean install didn't solve the issue. I can listen to music, but nothing is showing in the notification bar or on the lockscreen. I can only pause/resume music, when I'm navigating to the app or using my bluetooth headphones.


My Samsung galaxy S9 has issues with:

1. Spotify not appearing in the drop down task panel

2. Not showing the correct album picture or song info when I open the app

3. Not switching audio correctly when I play a video in another app

4. Closing and opening unexpectedly

5. Share was broken but switching to messenger lite somehow fixed this mysteriously


I'm a heavy user and these aren't one off things they consistently happen every time I use Spotify. My version is 8.4.67. 886 armV7