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Now Playing bar missing on Android

Hey folks,


We have received reports that Android users (mostly Samsung users) are unable to see the Now Playing bar on the app whenever they play songs/podcasts.



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Hello everyone,

We've been continuing to gather your details in this thread and further looking into matters.

As mentioned previously, the issue with the now playing bar had been resolved for the majority of users about a month ago. The common denominator with every report received afterwards was that this was still intermittently an issue on Samsung phones. 

There's most likely something within how the affected phones process and handle the Spotify app that still causes the now playing bar to misbehave. We'll continue to work on optimizing the app and trying to find a permanent solution for those affected.

While this is ongoing, we want to thank @Tom0527 for posting steps that provide a solution by modifying some phone settings. Follow the instructions in his post and you shouldn't have any more troubles. 

As we now have enough information, the general fix is in place and there's a device-specific solution, we will be marking this thread as Fixed and closing it. With that being said, we want to reiterate that we'll continue in our efforts to improve stability for all supported phone models from our end as well.

Take care!

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Hey folks, 


Thanks for visiting the Community. We are investigating this issue again now in 2024.


Go here to learn more and leave a comment with your details.


Thank you!


Same problem.

Premium plan, Czech rep., Oneplus 8t android 11 and Huawei nova 3 android 9, app version on both phones.


Same issue here!!!


Same here, super annoying bug. 


I'm experiencing the exact same issue. I have gone through all of the troubleshooting steps listed here and it fixed the issue for maybe 2 or 3 songs then it just went right back to the way it was. It's extremely annoying and frustrating having to restart my phone every time I want the music to stop playing. 


I have the same issue too!

Did u guys find a solution?


The same issue started happening for me in the last few days. It is very annoying as I cannot even stop Spotify from playing! I can select another song but not stop. The only way I can stop Spotify on my Android is to Force Stop there app  it restart my phone!


My guess is this is a bug in the latest release. Maybe related to Spotify Auto?


Same issue here Samsung S21 plus, tried all aforementioned solutions...

Playscreen and lockscreen bar have been disappearing for weeks. Only way to make them reappear is to close the app and occasionally reinstall... Very inconvenient and s complete mess

What am I paying for? 


Same issue running on my Galaxy Note 20 Ultra on Android 12.

The ability of controlling playback is just completely gone until I force quit the app and restart it.


I've been dealing with the exact same issue. It's incredibly annoying. I won't even use the app anymore for now because I know all of the controls will disappear and I'd have to reset my phone just to turn off the music. 


Galaxy S10

Android Version 12

App Version


Same issue here since the update dated 4-5-22