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[OSX] Spotify hangs upon launch

Status: Fixed




Operating System Version:

El Capitan 


Spotify Version:



Spotify hangs upon launch. Force-kill and re-launch allows Spotify to start. Closing it and re-starting again will cause the same problem.


Effectively you launch Spotify you now have to use "Start -> Force-kill -> Start" Sequence which is midly amusing initially but annoying in the long run. Multiple updates have been released for Spotify on a Mac since the initial issue has been observed (and reported in the OSX Help section), yet the hanging is still happening.


To reproduce:

  1. Start Spotify
  2. Observe black spotify window and spinning ball of death
  3. Force-kill Spotify
  4. Restart it again
  5. Observe everything working
  6. Play a few songs and close down the app
  7. Repeat from 1).


 Force-quit upon hanging and restart the application. Starts every second time without issues..


Additional information:

 Hang logs attached. Similar issue has been observed for a few of the latest versions.

This issue does not seem to differ no matter if a free or premium account is used (I'm using Premium one)



We're setting this as "Fixed". Feel free to give us a shout if Spotify starts to misbehave again.

Keep on dancing 🙂 

Status changed to: Fixed

Hey there! 


Thanks for letting us know about this. Can you try to reinstall Spotify? Here's how:!/article/reinstallation-of-spotify. This should help out with this. Let us know how it goes.


Keep on dancing 🙂




I've been performing clean re-install after each update of Spotify came out in the last month as well as yesterday just before giving you a report. Still the same issue after first reboot of the laptop.


It starts and allows me to sign in again. But then I get the same issue again. And again. And again.

Therefore please don't be so hasty in marking this as not an issue as it's clearly is and if you take a look at the community forum for Desktop - Help OSX you will see that many people did try to reinstall it. Removing caches, application support folders and a few other things does help - ONCE.


There is clearly an issue on El Capitan which did not exist on Yosemite for me.


@gnovella16, I would appreciate a response to this as, like i've mentioned in my previous comment, the issue is persisting even after a clean reinstall that I've still decided to eprform (again) after your reply.


I've done this way too many times and I'm clearly not the only one.

Being a paying customer I'd expect more than simply "Not an issue" and "please reinstall and it will work" response.


Sorry for the delay! 


It's strange a clean reinstall hasn't worked. Can you try downloading the app from: Let us know if it helps.


Keep us posted.


I have the same problem.


After instalation from Spotify.dmg file app starting and immediately freezing.

Black window is displayed.

OS X ver. 10.11.2







I've performed a clean install of the Spotify.dmg you have provided and still experiencing the exactly same issue.


Dear Spotify Customer Service!


Wake up!


We have a problem and you do nothing.

I can not run my spotify app on mac os x.

Reinstaling doesn't help.

Instaling form there also doesn't help.

How long we must wait?

It's been 3 weeks from first request of this issue.

And yes, THIS IS AN ISSUE, so please treat us more seriously.



Ernest Kurzeja


@gnovella16, can we please get an update here?

I still need to stress that it's unacceptable that you keep this marked as "Not an issue" when there are multiple people having this issue.


I also have this issue despite fully uninstalling and reinstalling several times. MBP 2015 OSX El Capitan.


New version has same behavior even after clean re-install.

I honestly cannot believe we are still not getting any more response or action from someone at Spotify.


@gnovella16 or whoever else at Spotify, as a paying customer I'd expect by now that you will acknowledge that this is an issue and do something about it. What does it take - for me to drop by your offices here in Stockholm to show the developers it's an issue? 


I would also expect some community manager to take a look at the OSX community page to realize that people are quite unhappy by the lack of communication from your side.


So far - this is not a customer service you should be proud of. The very least you should've done is changed from "not an issue" to something more sensible (like investigating)