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Old playlists missing from "recover playlists" section. Help?






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My Question or Issue

Recently I wanted to retrieve some old playlists to find old songs for a playlist I'm building. I went to recover playlists and only had maybe 10 even though I've made probably hundreds.


Is there a glitch or do old playlists get deleted? if/or something has happened can this be reverted?


Appreciate all the help, if I'll get any 😄

Hi everyone,


We appreciate you reaching out and voicing your concerns about this here.


As previously mentioned, you can currently only recover playlists that were deleted in the last 90 days. If this is something you would like to see make a return in the future, we'd recommend adding your vote to this idea. We’ll be monitoring it to pass the feedback on to the right teams and keep you posted there, as soon as we have something to share.


We’ve made sure to transfer over all the votes gathered here to the idea linked above and in order to keep all feedback in one single place, we'll be closing this thread for new replies.


So I know you can restore old playlists but do they permanently after a certain amount of time??? I had playlists dating back to 2014 and I wanted to restore some today that are a few years old but today when I hit restore playlists, only my playlists that were deleted in 2020 were there. WHAT DO I DO??!!!


Hi there @haleigh_farren,

thanks for reaching out to the community !


If that's possible for you, i'd like you to tell me how many playlists you've manged to recovered?

There's a slight chance that if many of your playlists were deleted since the beginning of 2020, the system will most likely haven't stored the playlists' data prior to 2020.


Waiting on your answer 🙂









My Question or Issue

When I go to the recover playlist screen I cant see all of my playlists Some of the playlists are gone. I thinkthe playlists I made this year are still there older one's are gone completely.


i went to “recover playlists” to recover some of my old playlists because I was going to listen to them, but none of my old playlists are there. I made them all on my current account but I cannot recover them. I just want my playlists back please help. 


Hey, @Kocabuyucu 
Welcome to Spotify Community and thanks for reaching out here!

Actually, your deleted playlists should be displayed on the Recover Playlists page forever, but there are some specific cases that don't happen, but don't worry! The Customer Support team can help you with it recovering the missing content. But, before trying to contact them, I'd like to ask you to double-check if you are seeing the backup content page of the right Spotify account because maybe the missing deleted playlists are on a different account, so it's also worth linking the user to the Finding accounts page. So, check it, please and if the content is really missing on your right account, I recommend that you contact the Customer Support and they will take a deeper look into this case. 


If you have any other further questions or need more help, let me know! I'd love to help!

Best Regards,

Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey there folks,


Thanks for posting about this in the Community!


We've merged a few threads together to keep you all in the loop. 


We can confirm the right team are aware of this, and they're looking into it. 


If you're experiencing this, make sure to add your +VOTE.


We'll keep you updated in this thread so make sure you've subscribed, thanks!


I am missing multiple deleted playlists also


Hey @Lukehopkins27,


Thanks for writing about this here in the Community.


Since you've experienced this, make sure to add your vote (by clicking +VOTE) and leave a comment with the info @Xenia mentioned as well as to subscribe to be notified about any updates.


Don't hesitate to reach out if there's anything else we can help with in the meantime!


I have the same issue. I just spoke with Customer Support and they said that the team is working to fix the ongoing issue. My playlists from 2018 are gone from the recover playlist part of my account. 


Hello, I deleted a playlist around a year and a half ago and cannot recover the playlist. In fact, when I go to recover the playlist, it says I have no playlists to recover. I contacted a team member. They said the only way to get that playlist back was to reset my account back to the date in which I deleted the playlist. I want to be able to get the old playlist back without compromising my current playlists.