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Old playlists missing from "recover playlists" section. Help?






iPhone 7, PC 

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(iOS 13, Windows 10)


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Recently I wanted to retrieve some old playlists to find old songs for a playlist I'm building. I went to recover playlists and only had maybe 10 even though I've made probably hundreds.


Is there a glitch or do old playlists get deleted? if/or something has happened can this be reverted?


Appreciate all the help, if I'll get any 😄

Hi everyone,


We appreciate you reaching out and voicing your concerns about this here.


As previously mentioned, you can currently only recover playlists that were deleted in the last 90 days. If this is something you would like to see make a return in the future, we'd recommend adding your vote to this idea. We’ll be monitoring it to pass the feedback on to the right teams and keep you posted there, as soon as we have something to share.


We’ve made sure to transfer over all the votes gathered here to the idea linked above and in order to keep all feedback in one single place, we'll be closing this thread for new replies.


I am also missing many deleted playlists (around 100+) from the recover playlists section and I would really like them back.


Playlists are not appearing at all


I’m going through the same thing, I can't recover any playlists. I’ve erased at least 5, I wanted to recover one in specific that I erased back in October 2019, but Spotify says that I don’t have any erased playlists. I already reported this to the Spotify Support Team  


I am also having this issue. I have been using the same account since 2016 but recover playlists says I have never deleted a playlist, please help.

It would be much appreciated.


Kind regards,

Seb Walkington


This is yet to be solved?


I went to recover an old playlist and saw that all my deleted playlists were gone. I remember checking in the past and seeing my playlists there.


I am also having the same problem, playlists I deleted from this time last year - now aren't appearing in my "recover playlist" tab, please help!


Chiming in with the same issue. The past few years I've been able to recover any playlist that I'd deleted within the previous year or so. Now suddenly I can only recover playlists I've deleted within the past few months. There are a few playlists from last Summer and Fall I'd really like to revisit and could not even begin to re-create them right now.


Are there any updates on this issue, as this has been on going for some time, and all my playlists have disappeared from the recovery option


I didn't delete any playlists they did it and none are in recover playlists. They had been recently played so I can't understand why they would do this. It took me lots of time to compile them.