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Only PayPal available when trying to update payment details



Trying to change my credit card but the only option I have when updating payment is PayPal. How do I change it so that I can enter my credit card for payment?





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iPhone and PC


My Question or Issue

I recently had to cancel my card due to a fraud issue and need to change the card associated with the account.  When I go to change the payment method it directly takes me to the Paypal option.  I want to change my card, not pay through Paypal.


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We'd suggest you try changing your card details in an incognito window on your PC. Sometimes the cache can lead to some issues. Then you can follow these steps to update your payment details. 


Another thing you can try is a different payment method. Here you can check the payment methods available in your country. 


Hope this was helpful for you. If you have questions, you know where to find us. 


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To update your credit card details follow these steps. If you don't see all available options, it's possible the cache and cookies on your browser are causing the issue. An easy way to avoid this is by using an incognito browser window. 

If the desired option is still not visible, we recommend you cancel your subscription by following the steps listed here. You should then be able to start a new plan via any of the payment methods listed.

In case that still doesn't fix things, could you post a screenshot of what you're seeing? Just make sure to hide any personal and sensitive information. You can upload an image to your reply using the Insert Photos option in the post editor.

Hope this helps. Keep us posted on how it goes.  


I have a premium plan with Hulu and all I am trying to do is update the expiration date on the card on file. I click update and it takes me to a screen to use PayPal. This will be my fourth time reaching out with no solution.  I’ve used incognito windows, different devices, different internet providers, on WiFi, off WiFi. Still takes me to same PayPal page. The people I’ve chatted with through the help chat say it’s a known issue and a fix is coming, but the next payment is due on the 20th and if the payment isn’t updated than I’ll have to cancel because I’m not using PayPal. Any suggestions!!


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Hi @antnizz21

Thank you for reaching out to the Community. Can you try a different browser? From your comment it looks like you have tried everything but a different browser. Mind if you use a different one?

Hope this helps.
I’ve used safari, chrome and internet explorer. Same results
Status changed to: Under investigation
Hey folks,

Thanks for reporting this issue to us.

We’ve passed your info on to the relevant team, who are currently looking into it.

If you're experiencing this issue, we'd recommend you try the following first:
  • Update the details from a different browser or in an incognito window.
  • Update the details using a different network connection.
In case that doesn't work make sure to add your +VOTE.

Thanks! We’ll keep you posted and let you know as soon as we have any updates on this.

Plan: Spotify Premium with Hulu (the 9.99/month version, not the student version)

Country: USA



I am currently subscribed to the Spotify Premium with Hulu ($9.99/month) plan. I log into my account and click on the link to update my payment information. This takes me to the "Change payment details" page.


However, on this page, the only option I am seeing is to update my payment to a Paypal account. There is NO option to select a Credit Card as payment (from what I remember in the past, there should be a dropdown where you select one of three options: 1) Stored Payment Information 2) Credit Card or 3) PayPal...this dropdown is missing on this page). So I guess my question is....where is the credit card option? How can I update my payment info with a new CC? See attached screenshot to see what I'm seeing.


For more context, it's been like this for the last 2 weeks and I figured the issue would eventually resolve itself, but nope, the problem is still there. BTW, I've tried accessing this page in incognito mode, I've cleared my cache, I've tried with different browsers (on different devices). Still only seeing paypal as an option (with no CC option in sight).


Any help would be appreciated, thanks!



Screen Shot 2020-08-19 at 9.12.45 AM.png

Following..... i'm having the same issue. i don't want to set up a Pay Pal account. i just want to update my card info


Same issue. Updating credit card account for my Spotify/Hulu bundle and it directs me to paypal. I have tried incognito mode, two different browsers, and two different networks and it still won't let me update my credit card info.