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Ordering Songs In Search - Wrong Song Plays

Desktop version : and

OS : Windows 10

Device : Laptop


To reproduce :


1 - Make a search : (e.g with the word : boat) / On songs results click ; See All

2 - in the results list try to play any song : it plays correctly.

3 - now order the list by Title or Artist or Album...

4 - in the ordered list try to play any song ; it plays the wrong song


Additional Note : It seems that the issue is also happening on Mac Desktop.

Hey everyone, 


As the sorting feature for search results has been removed with the newest update, we'll be marking this as 'Not Right Now'. We have passed this on to the relevant teams and they're aware it. 


There's an idea here for bringing back the sorting feature which you can vote for. The more votes an idea gets, the more likely it is that something will be (re-)implemented.



Status changed to: Need more info

Hey folks!


Thanks for reporting this. If possible, please try first the following troubleshooting steps:

  • A clean reinstall of the app
  • Restarting the device 
  • Logging out and back in the app to shake things up
  • Try a different device
  • Does this occur when connected to a WiFi or 3G/4G network? Or both?

If that doesn't help, make sure to click +VOTE to stay updated. Also, you can leave a note with the following details:

  • Device
  • Device OS
  • Spotify version

We'll be keeping an eye for your replies!



All the infos at the beginning of the 1st post !

Whatever the connection !

All troubleshooting done !

Same issue on different computers !

Same issue already reported by other users :

Here :


Here :


Note : issue only happening during a search



Device: PC

Device OS: Windows 10 64bit

Spotify version:


Can confirm.

Sucessfully reproduced the issue today (22.Sep.2018) on my Macbook Pro running High Sierra (10.13.6).

Spotify is reinstalled today after the update, and issue persists.


Spotify build:


Hi All, 

I having the same issue, 


Data Test:

Plan: Premium

Country: Mexico

Language: Spanish

Device: Macbook Pro late 2015

Operating System: macOS High Sierra 10.13.6

Internet Conection : WiFi and LAN

Spotify Version :


After search for a song and order by any category, spotify reproduce the wrong song.

Steps to reproduce the bug: 

1. Search for any topic (i.e.: "Swing")

2. In the section "Songs" (or in spanish "Canciones") chose the opction "View all"  "Ver todas) 

3. Here you can play any song and all is OK

4. Order the songs by any category (i.e.: "TITLE" spanish "TÍTULO) 

5. Try to play any song. 


Current behavior:

After order the songs and try to play one, the reproducer does not play the song that you select, insted of, it reproduce the same song that was in that place before order it.

Also I already re-install the App and same happen.

Expected behavior: 

The reproducer shold play the correct song after order it. 


Having the same issue too - it extends to adding songs to a playlist too. Instead of adding the song I am trying to add, it adds the wrong song.


Data Test:

Plan: Premium

Country: U.S.

Language: English

Device: Macbook Pro late 2016

Operating System: macOS High Sierra 10.13.6

Internet Conection : WiFi

Spotify Version :


Guys, it's broken and it's server side. The version was fine a week ago and suddenly started doing this. Updating was not helpful.

 Please fix ASAP, I can't use my PAID product.

This is a fatal flaw, completely kills the usefulness of the desktop app.




I am also experiencing this issue. And there are also some other variants:

  • Search for something, say “Gabriel” and select “Show Tracks”
  • Now, sort by “Thumbs up”
  • Scroll down, and select “The book of Love - Live” By Peter Gabriel
  • Instead of The book of love, Sledgehammer starts.

Another variant:

  • Play music from “my tracks”
  • Open one of the albums in the track list and remove it
  • Go back to “my tracks” list, and select a track in the lower parts (below the album removed)
  • Some other track starts

My guess is that when we launch a track from the track list, the row number in the view is used as index towards the player, instead of the index in the original list, as the list has been sorted and filtered in the view in different ways in both these scenarios.


I have the same issue... sounds crazy to let such issue without correction...


"We'll be keeping an eye for your replies!"

Are you? Really? I see no indication of that happening here.

Spotify: Answer and fix this! I am incensed I can't use my service and even angrier about the apparent lack of effort in fixing this.

Please respond.