Ordering Songs In Search - Wrong Song Plays

Status: Not Right Now

Desktop version : and

OS : Windows 10

Device : Laptop


To reproduce :


1 - Make a search : (e.g with the word : boat) / On songs results click ; See All

2 - in the results list try to play any song : it plays correctly.

3 - now order the list by Title or Artist or Album...

4 - in the ordered list try to play any song ; it plays the wrong song


Additional Note : It seems that the issue is also happening on Mac Desktop.

Hey everyone, 


As the sorting feature for search results has been removed with the newest update, we'll be marking this as 'Not Right Now'. We have passed this on to the relevant teams and they're aware it. 


There's an idea here for bringing back the sorting feature which you can vote for. The more votes an idea gets, the more likely it is that something will be (re-)implemented.



Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey everyone,


Thanks for all your reports.


Our tech folks are currently looking into this. Make sure, if you're experiencing this, to hit the +VOTE button. 


We'll let you know as soon as we've got any updates.


Thanks for bearing with us!


Sounds a bit ridiculous to ask people to "vote" for such big and clear bug... do the job!




Consider "Vote" as a way to quantify the number of users affected by the issue. More users are reporting, faster the issue will be investigated and fixed.




Been experiencing this issue for a while on macOS (currently Mojave Spotify Desktop


Reported this  around same time as OP. Still not fixed in 1.0.91. Is this what I pay my subscription for? I think not. Get it on it Spotify.


It's been over a month now and still no fix.


I want a month's credit. This is pathetic.


OS : Windows 10

Spotify Desktop Version :

All troubleshooting done


To Reproduce :


- Start any search

- On results page : Songs > click See All


On the Songs page : Sorting (TITLE, ARTIST, ALBUM, etc...) is not responding.


Note : This issue is the following of the one reported here : https://community.spotify.com/t5/Ongoing-Issues/Ordering-songs-in-a-search-makes-playing-the-wrong-s...


To everyone,


New update :


Sorting on a search by Songs is not responding at all.


If you get this new issue, let us know here ==> https://community.spotify.com/t5/Ongoing-Issues/Desktop-version-1-0-92-390-Sorting-a-search-by-Songs...

Status changed to: Need more info

Hey everyone,


Thanks for reporting this.


If you're seeing this on the desktop client, please make sure to first try a clean reinstall of the app.


If the issue persists, make sure to click the +VOTE button so you can stay updated.


If you'd like, you can also leave a comment with this info:

  • Device
  • Your device's operating system
  • Spotify version

We'll let you know as soon as we have any updates.