Ordering Songs In Search - Wrong Song Plays

Desktop version : and

OS : Windows 10

Device : Laptop


To reproduce :


1 - Make a search : (e.g with the word : boat) / On songs results click ; See All

2 - in the results list try to play any song : it plays correctly.

3 - now order the list by Title or Artist or Album...

4 - in the ordered list try to play any song ; it plays the wrong song


Additional Note : It seems that the issue is also happening on Mac Desktop.

Hey everyone, 


As the sorting feature for search results has been removed with the newest update, we'll be marking this as 'Not Right Now'. We have passed this on to the relevant teams and they're aware it. 


There's an idea here for bringing back the sorting feature which you can vote for. The more votes an idea gets, the more likely it is that something will be (re-)implemented.



Gig Goer

Us: Doctor Spotify, I’ve grazed my knee.

Doctor Spotify: I’ve amputated your leg, you no longer have a grazed knee. You’re welcome.

Us: Can I have my leg back?

Doctor Spotify: Not right now.


Love ^^This


I beleive this is music industry executives influencing and making Spotify remove the ordering functions. As it then means the search results just show up popular things and whatever they want to show up.. so the money and plays are funnelled. It's one of the most scary things i've seen happen on this Spotify service and i'm very close to leaving . It's a massive massive shame.


I don't even consider this a feature. Sorting songs in a list is just standard functionality. I don't see any other reason for them to remove this feature other than for some sort of influence like DJRidm states above. The same issue is suspected of their shuffle algorithm where it keeps playing the same songs over and over. There must be an internal weighting system by how much they have to pay out and that's why they've removed the most basic functionality. Just freaking sad.