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Ordering Songs In Search - Wrong Song Plays

Desktop version : and

OS : Windows 10

Device : Laptop


To reproduce :


1 - Make a search : (e.g with the word : boat) / On songs results click ; See All

2 - in the results list try to play any song : it plays correctly.

3 - now order the list by Title or Artist or Album...

4 - in the ordered list try to play any song ; it plays the wrong song


Additional Note : It seems that the issue is also happening on Mac Desktop.

Hey everyone, 


As the sorting feature for search results has been removed with the newest update, we'll be marking this as 'Not Right Now'. We have passed this on to the relevant teams and they're aware it. 


There's an idea here for bringing back the sorting feature which you can vote for. The more votes an idea gets, the more likely it is that something will be (re-)implemented.




Can I remind everyone to click on the link below and add your vote.  It relates to the  same issue, so two threads attacking at once is no bad thing.


Why does it take so long before it is repaired?


Why does it take so long before it is repaired?

Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey folks,


As we mentioned, our tech folks are looking into this. Keep in mind that we're testing some things backstage so no worries if you're having troubles sorting search results at the moment.


We'll let you know as soon as we have any updates. In the meanwhile, make sure, if you're experiencing this, to hit the +VOTE button. 


Thanks for bearing with us!


This is ridiculous. This problem has existed for over a month now and the last email from Spotify support seemed to signify that this was a new update and that if we did not like it we would just have to deal with it. Can you give a substantive update of what is going on and when this may be fixed?


Oh, it gets even better....


A new update was available so I eagerly installed it to see if the problem was fixed.


Sort of.


You now can't sort a song listing at all! So Spotify's answer to all this was to keep us from sorting song lists instead of fizing the $%*&^$#% problem!



Absolutely pathetic.


I have found a way around not only this new 'fix' but the original one of not playing the sorted list correctly. PM me for info.


Please, hurry fixing the issue. Sorting is an intergral feature of any software that deals with lists. A sort-function is the first thing that new programmers usually learn, so it's inexcusable that a 10-year-old multi-billion software suddenly loses this basic feature. Losing sorting is like losing ability to pause or ability to see the track length.


Until this problem has been repaired, what I do is make a new playlist and copy and paste into the new playlist,whatever you have called it, and you will be able to sort whatever you decide to sort


Hey @Jason250870@vuuster@carpboy2@andrewr26,


We understand the importance of being able to sort your music, and we want to assure you that we're still looking into this.


We'll get back with an update as soon as we can. 


Can't sort search results!

Please bring back this feature.