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PREMIUM - Plays silence over bluetooth after one track

Status: Closed

This has been bugging me for a few months now. When using Spotify on my iPhone 6+ on iOS 10, over bluetooth to my JBL speaker or to my Nissan Leaf audio system, Spotify plays one track... and at the end, it keeps counting the time. On the Leaf display, it shows the track time just counting and counting and counting. If I keep driving for another 20 minutes or so, the next track will finally play. Same thing with my JBL speaker at home. It's like when connected over Bluetooth, Spotify makes the track lenghts 10X what they actually are. Really sucks!! And if I try to open the app to force it to the next track, it freezes and crashes. If I mess around with it enough, sometimes (about one in 20 times) it will eventually start playing tracks normally. Really sucking.

Hey @jxxn!


We're changing the status to this post as Closed since we haven't heard from you in a while. No worries though, you can get back in touch with us if you still need help.


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Status changed to: Closed

Hey @jxxn


Thanks for getting in touch with our Community. 


Just to check - are you having the same issue using a different device? 


Also, can you try restarting both devices? 


Let us know how it goes.


Same issue with both my Nissan Leaf and my JBL speaker in my house. Restarted both devices. Also, deleted and reinstalled Spotify on my phone. No luck. Same behavior.


Thanks for that info @jxxn!


Can you let us know what Spotify version you're running? Also, let us know if the same happens when you stream from a different phone.


Keep us posted.



Spotify 6.5.0

Only have one phone.

Used to work at a mobile app startup and we had tons - no more).


Thanks for the extra info @jxxn!


It would be super helpful if you could give it a try from a different account. You can use a friend's account, just to test it out. Also, if you can borrow a friend's phone to check if the same happens, it'd be great.


Keep us in the loop.



Hey there @jxxn!


We hope you're well.


How are you getting on, is this still happening?

If so, does the same thing happen when you head to settings > playback, and enable Crossfade?


Keep us posted 🙂



Okay - I've been trying different things to try to find a pattern for you.
I discovered that this is not limited to Bluetooth. I had assumed it was a
bluetooth issue since that's how I connect devices to my phone to listen to
spotify (Devices: Nissan Leaf and JBL Charge). But, in fact it happens with
headphones as well - so quite possibly not a bluetooth issue.

In fact, what's happening is that, even with headphones, the app on my iOS
10 device simply freezes after a while. If I open the app running in the
background after it becomes unresponsive, it will hard crash to the home
screen after about 15 seconds, every time. If Spotify is left open in the
foreground, the UI will eventually freeze, and it will eventually hard
crash to the home screen.

This happens every time I launch the app and just start to play a single
track. It will play the whole track and crash. If I try to interact with
the app during a track, it will crash ~30seconds to a minute after it
freezes. If I don't interact with the app during that one track, it will
eventually crash after it has ended - often a few minutes later - but it's
unresponsive during that time. Trying to interact with it during that time
it will expedite the crash to happen sooner.

In the first moments of a track, I can interact. I can skip to another
track, rewind / forward. All the normal playhead stuff you'd want to be
able to do. I can do this within the app, or via bluetooth controls. But
usually somewhere in the middle of a track, the app freezes with the track
continuing to play. At that point, I am no longer able to control the play
of the track. It continues playing the track until the end but doesn't
stop. On my car display, for example, the track time keeps ticking after
the song has ended, but I am unable to skip to the next track, etc. If I
just let it sit and do nothing while it is playing the track it's frozen
on, it will crash some time after the track ends.

So, in short, this doesn't appear to be a bluetooth specific issue. But I
get crashes reliably, every time. I have reinstalled the app from hard
delete and am running the latest everything. I have tried it with only
Spotify running (all other apps closed) after a fresh restart of the
device. Same exact issues.

I wish I could listen to more than one track at a time without crashing and
rebooting Spotify. Works fine on my desktop computer, but that's useless
much of the day. As a Premium user, I'm quite bummed about this.

Thanks for the extra info @jxxn!


It's odd that this happens. But can you give it a try using a different account on your phone? We'd like to gather as much info as possible.


Also, let us know if using a different Internet connection makes any difference. We'll see what else to suggest.


Keep us posted.


Hey @jxxn,


We haven't heard from you in a while.


Just to check, did you experience the same issue using a different account and a different internet connection? 


We'll be waiting for your reply.



Status changed to: Closed

Hey @jxxn!


We're changing the status to this post as Closed since we haven't heard from you in a while. No worries though, you can get back in touch with us if you still need help.


Hope you have a good day 🙂