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PS3 spotify not displaying playlists



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Playstation 3 console


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 I recently started up my spotify app on my PS3 and realized that my playlists aren't displaying at all. Spotify's suggested playlists are displaying well though. Please advise. I've deleted the app and reinstalled it but still doesn't work.

Hey guys,


Good news! This is fixed now 🙂 


I am having the same problem. I can search, find songs/albums and play them, but if I go into My Music, when I select a playlist, the screen area where it should display is completely empty. What a shame. I hope they fix this soon.


Hey @koosha136 and @sbwinter2,


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Sorry to hear you're having trouble viewing your playlists on your PS3.


If you've already tried logging out and logging back in again, try reinstalling the app. 


It would be great if you could send some screenshots illustrating the problem so we can get a better idea of it and troubleshoot it more easily.


Looking forward to hearing back from you!




See reply below. Replying from email did not work.


Looks like replying though email didn't work, so reposting repsonse here.


I reinstalled, which did trigger an update, but it didn't solve the problem. I also logged out and in and no luck.

In the first photo, you see playlists. After I select one, you see what is in the second photo, a blank area. This does not happen with Browse or selecting Albums under My Music. This is only a problem with My Playlists.



I'm having exactly the same problem myself. It started about a week ago. If I go through my laptop all is well, but if I use my PS3 through the TV there's no weekly list and no playlists.


Status changed to: New issue report

Hey guys,


Thanks for your feedback on this.

We've reported this issue to our tech folks, so we're waiting for an update on their end.


If you haven't voted this issue yet, please do so by clicking the "+ VOTE" sign in the top-right corner.


We hope to get back to you soon with another update.


Thanks 🙂


Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey guys,


Thanks for your feedback on this so far.

We've reported this issue to our tech folks, so we're waiting for an update on their end.


Thanks for your patience 🙂



I'm researching this issuse as well.  On my PS3, all my playlists are not showing the songs, both Spotify playlists and the ones I've created.  I have not been able to find much in the forums.   I tried logging out and back in.  Did not help.  I tried resetting my router.  Did not help.  I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Spotify app on my PS3.  Did not help.  Getting pretty frustrated.  


Hi all

Im also having this issue. Playlists are empty. When you click on the artwork its empty. However under albums it shows. So we can save albums but not discographys. Please help with this. Many Thanks.


I am having the same problem on my PS3 with the Premium subscription.  This problem started for me in the past week or 2.