PS3 spotify not displaying playlists

Status: Fixed



Country Singapore



Playstation 3 console


My Question or Issue

 I recently started up my spotify app on my PS3 and realized that my playlists aren't displaying at all. Spotify's suggested playlists are displaying well though. Please advise. I've deleted the app and reinstalled it but still doesn't work.

Hey guys,


Good news! This is fixed now 🙂 

I see it's under investigation so hoping it's fixed. Strange that albums
show but anything under my music is a empty folder.

Yo la verdad tengo el mismo problema :c ya llore y todo :c neta no lo soporto llevo 3 semanas asi y no sabia que hacer espero y me ayuden :c

Could you tell us in English please

Here is the Google Translate of that post: "I really have the same problem and I cried and everything. I can not stand it. I have 3 weeks like this and I did not know what to do I hope and help me."

What I don't understand is anything saved under albums seems OK but
anything under playlists is empty. Can someone from spotify please

Er...updated status: now both spotify and my playlists don't show up. Which means when I click 'browse ' they don't show up anymore. 


I am also having the same problem. I can search, find songs/albums and play them, but if I go into My Music, when I select a playlist, the screen area where it should display is completely empty. Any idea when this might be up (or how we can be notified when it's back up)?


Er guys hows the status of the investigation? Hope this issue gets fixed soon. Thx!


As of 6:45 pm Central Time, USA, the problem on my PS3 is resolved.  I did nothing and did not get any indicator of an update.  All playlists  - including personal playlists - are displaying now.

Hi all! Mine worked too! Thanks Spotify for solving the matter! 😉