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 My music continues to pause not allowing me to listen to any song completely I have searched for hours with no solution working is there any way to fix my problem

Hey everyone,


The right teams took a look backstage and this should be fixed now! Please make sure you're on the latest version of the app 🙂


If you're on the latest version of the app and you're still experiencing this, we absolutely want to know. Please post in Help - Other if you are so we can investigate ASAP.

Have a good one!


Same here


Same problem for me. On PS4 uk, latest updates are installed. Works fine on phone etc.

System: Ps4

System version: 6.20

Date the issue started: 1/29/2019

Does it work on another account?: No


Console: PS4 System Software 6.20
Spotify: Version 2.07
Problems began January 29th 2019


Same problem here. Newest Update. Everything else in order. Spotify just doesn't wanna work with me


Ps4 pro here, drkness99, ive uninstalled everything udated and still pausing after 3seconds,, called ps cust care, nothing  just restart,lol girl i tell u the hiphop music on these games is just blawwww,blawww,,blawwww, where my ARCHENEMEY!!!!


same here spotify please fix


Same, works on every other account but mine. Latest PS4 and Spotify versions. Since the 29th of January.


I fixed the problem so far by just listen to a song and just unpausing it over and over. I know its a long and annoying process but now i can listen to music without it pausing every 2 seconds. Dont know if it will work for any of you but just try it out just in case. Best of luck to you all


Skip a track and then go back a track worked for me.. THIS TIME  (Nevermind, not working now )