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[PS4/Playstation] Spotify wont play every song




Operating System Version:



Spotify Version:

 just updated



I want to play a song on the Playstation app, so I go to a playlist and hit X when being in the coverflow view, sometimes that song starts, sometimes it doesn't. When it does an i go to the next song it very often just pauses and does not continue. And then, when I go to the next song it starts playing the first song for like half a second and then immediately pauses again and so on with the next few songs until it comes to another song that it will play normally. 


To reproduce:

  1. open playlist in ps4 app
  2. start playing (will immediately go back to pause...)
  3. Additional information:

I have shuffle an repeat all enabled

Behaves exactly the same, when playing the music on the ps4 and controlling with the android 6.0 phone


Hey everybody!


Thanks for your patience regarding this issue. We've been given the all-clear from the teams backstage and haven't seen any recent reports on this thread. With this being the case, we're going to be closing this thread as "Fixed".


If you're having issues, please make sure that you're rocking the latest version of Spotify and your PS4 firmware is up-to-date. If after this you're still having issues then please let us know 🙂



I've not managed to get ps4 Spotify to work consistently since I paid for premium. Very disappointing

Same problem here .... only started when updated to premium very disappointed 


still under investigation. When will this be resolved.......

Hi everyone, I have the same problem. Thing is, that some songs play with no problem. Others just don't respond. I need to press play/pause like 20 times for it to respond. And sometimes it doesn't even respond. When will this problem get fixed.

Same problem here, since months actually... but only on PS4. However, I've noticed something interesting last weekend, just tested it again and I was able to reproduce it.

It seems to be a somehow network-related problem (at least for me).

My PS4 is usually connected via lan cable and Spotify was literally unusable.

If I connect it via wireless lan to the same network it works much better. I still need to press play again a few times now and then, but mostly it works.

Then I tried it via wireless lan connection to my smartphone hotspot and voila - works perfectly (LTE and 3G connection).


Some details to my connections:

Local network - Modem/Router: AVM FRITZ!Box 3490 (also tested with the 7390 some months ago)

Local network - Internet: VDSL2, 30,7 Mbit/s down, 6,2 Mbit/s up

Smartphone: iPhone 6S, LTE connection: ~90 Mbit/s down, ~13 Mbit/s up

Smartphone with 3G connection: ~19 Mbit/s down, ~2,3 Mbit/s up


Also I know this: Other PS4s have the same problem in my network, and my PS4 works in other networks, but I just can't see any reason. I've already tried without any other Spotify Connect device active in the network (except for one, I need one to login on my PS4, because I login with my Facebook account. Worst decision ever btw...) but it is just the same result.


Some people here stated, that it works with a free account. Maybe I can test that too, I'll look into it.


EDIT: Afaik there is no way to use Spotify on PS4 without a premium account, and since I've got no other device with that problem I won't be able to test it.

However, there is something else I'm about to test in the next few days, maybe even tomorrow, I'll post my tests and results when I'm done.


I've had the same issue for the past several months, and in my case it was definitely network related. However, I managed to fix the issue today by manually setting the MTU to 1450 on the PS4.


ive still got this strange issue also have had it since the app 1st came out went though with your twitter support to cancel and create a brand new account and STILL the problem persists your twitter help gave me a test account to try which worked but the new account does not this problem should have been fixed by now seeing as this has been like this since launch ALSO the PS4 app needs to be totally re designed its just awful please long time premiun user and CONSTANT user also thanks


Yeah, this has been going on for months with the app on PS3. I'm a paying subscriber too. The only version that seems to work perfectly is the one on my phone. I'm now even having trouble with my desktop. Hope you get it worked out guys. Enjoy my disposable income in the meantime. 


My problem is now "solved"...

Changed ISP and router and now it works perfectly.

But besides that, I have no more info on solving this problem.


[quote]My problem is now "solved"... Changed ISP and router and now it works perfectly. But besides that, I have no more info on solving this problem.[/quote]


This is a rather drastic solution for such a rather small problem 😄
 Well, I won´t put more energy into this issue.