[PS4/Playstation] Spotify wont play every song




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Spotify Version:

 just updated



I want to play a song on the Playstation app, so I go to a playlist and hit X when being in the coverflow view, sometimes that song starts, sometimes it doesn't. When it does an i go to the next song it very often just pauses and does not continue. And then, when I go to the next song it starts playing the first song for like half a second and then immediately pauses again and so on with the next few songs until it comes to another song that it will play normally. 


To reproduce:

  1. open playlist in ps4 app
  2. start playing (will immediately go back to pause...)
  3. Additional information:

I have shuffle an repeat all enabled

Behaves exactly the same, when playing the music on the ps4 and controlling with the android 6.0 phone


Hey everybody!


Thanks for your patience regarding this issue. We've been given the all-clear from the teams backstage and haven't seen any recent reports on this thread. With this being the case, we're going to be closing this thread as "Fixed".


If you're having issues, please make sure that you're rocking the latest version of Spotify and your PS4 firmware is up-to-date. If after this you're still having issues then please let us know 🙂




Hi all,

I have the same problem. I noticed that it occurs when I use a Premium account.






Welcome to the Community.


We've had similar reports of this issue and this is currently under investigation. 


Hopefully we'll have some good news soon. We'll keep you posted. 

Status changed to: Fixed

Exact same here,


Made another acount not premium and it works just fine..

Very disappointed with premium 😞






Hi all,

I have the same problem on a PC ( 


Ex: Captain America - The Winter Soldier OST

I just can listen "An Old Friend"


I have a premium account... 


Very disappointed too...





>> If I use web player, i don't have the problem... Seems to be an issue of the desktop version. I've cleaned storage cache, but the problem still here.




Same here since about 3 days ago PS4 version of spotify skips to next song some times 10 seconds in. Logged out and in about 3 times. Still happens. 12/29/15. Help please.


Hi James,
I keep looking for news...

Cosidering that my Premium account is useless to me, how can I ask for a refund?




Same problem here. So why do I pay for premium? Annoying!


Same problem here. It affects some of my local  files that I synched last week. They are playable on my pc and on my smartphone ( also in offline mode etc. )
But, not on the PS 4 - the titles are shown, but when I try to play them via remote, they won´t play. When I open Spotify on my PS4 they don´t even appear in my playlist ( 6 Tracks )
Other locally synched files that I synched approx. half a year ago are working.