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For years I have had a premium account paid for through the PlayStation network discount.  Lately my account shows up as FREE under multiple devices: PC,mobile,home stero etc.  I can clearly see a payment was made just last week off my credit card as usual through sony/psn yet the account is still showing as FREE.  not skipping songs and having ads is AWFUL!  Anyone else having issues with playstation funded accounts?

Hey everyone,


Thank you so much for you patience and cooperation regarding this 🙂


Everything should be working as expected now.


If you experience similar issues in the future, don't hesitate to reach out in the Help section.


Wishing you a good one for now!


I pay for my Spotify account through playstation and its been payed for this month but for some reason my account is now back to free. Anyone know who I should get in contact with to help fix this or what's happened?


Hey @su8ject19, thanks for writing!


Please double check your account overview by clicking on the link bellow. There you'll be able to see all your receipts, as well as the next billing date (if there's one).


Keep me posted 🙂


I'm having the same problem. I contacted their support and was basically told to wait. The thing is my subscription billed on the 1st and I've been waiting a long time at this point. Their support basically did nothing but tell me they "contacted someone" and to continue waiting  both times. From a support  stand point this is atrocious. They should have went ahead and granted me premium back or offered me a free week or literally done anything since I've basically paid for something I can't even make any use of which defeats the whole purpose of paying for it.


Let me know if you have better luck with their customer support.

I'm probably just going to bill this out directly through them and ask them to refund it later since I use spotify when I go to the gym and I can't make use of it at the moment and thats where all my music is saved.


If anyone from Spotify reads this, please learn to provide some actual level of support to your customers, this is horrible.


Hello I have the exact same problem. I tried everything and the only thing working is the payment...


Hi @mysteriosa, thanks for writing.


Can you please give me more details about the issue? What devices are you using?


When you click on the link bellow, does your account show as Premium or Free?




It says that a have Spotify Free and it appear to be the same everywhere I log into. I used on chrome, spotify app on windows, spotify app on android and spotify app on Playstation. 


The only place where I see my premium status is after going to my profile from the playstation app and checking my subscription.




Hey @mysteriosa,


It looks like you have more than one Spotify account.


Please follow this guide to finding any other accounts you might have subscribed to Premium and let me know if this helps!

Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey there folks,


We appreciate your reports about Premium subscriptions through PlayStation reverting back to Free.


We're aware of this and are working closely with Sony to re-establish your Spotify Premium.


If you're experiencing this, make sure to add your +VOTE in this Ongoing Issue as well as leaving a comment below so we can pass this along to our tech teams.


However, if your subscription is set up directly through Spotify, we'd recommend trying these steps instead.


We'll keep you updated in this thread, thanks again!


Hello, just wanted to let you know that my account is back to premium now.


The same problem here with the subscription through Playstation.  But mine still remains as FREE.