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Paid Premium subscriptions reverting to free

Hey folks!


We noticed reports that some of you who have already paid for their subscriptions are currently seeing their account get reverted to the Spotify free service without any specific reason.
This is currently being investigated.

Hey folks!


Sorry about this inconvenience.

The main issue that caused your accounts to revert to free should now be fixed.

All of you who have been affected will receive a refund of your last payment.
In case you don't, you still can't re-subscribe or anything else is out of order, do let us know! 
We'll do our best to help 🙂

Hope all goes well from now on.
Take care!

I have just purchased premium from my student ID and paid 59 rs to your applications non of the advertisement are gone and application says upgrade to premium to download songs ??? is this a scam or what what is this service!!!!!!

Hello, I paid for a spotify premium subscription on 07.03.23 order number: *********** . But today it disappeared, and the money on the card is not returned what is it?

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Hello, I paid for a spotify premium subscription
on 02/27/2023

Order number: ***************
But today the subscription disappeared, although I paid for several months and did not cancel the subscription myself. What happened? 




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el día 21 de marzo pague mi cuanta desde nequi, pero aun no lo veo reflejado ni en mi app ni en mi pc, todavía me sale la cuenta en free, necesito que me colaboren

Same to me 😞

Hi! I bought 1-year premium subscription february 9th, but yesterday, march 23rd, my account have become free. i didnt get any mail or any notification, just like that. i checked receipts just in case - i have one, looks like it`s accepted (not pending etc), and it`s worth like 1-year. i logged out and logged in many times, but nothing helps. What happened??
I payed but still the shows me to chose a plan and pay again

Hello, I was charged via PayPal for Spotify Premium but my my account did not change to a premium account. Can anyone advise?

Status changed to: Under investigation

We've merged some of your Community posts in here to keep the place tidy.

Stay tuned for updates! We'll let you know as soon as we know anything new.


In my case, I switched from individual premium to duo premium beginning of this month. My premium plan has been active for years.


Hope the extra info helps to pinpoint the cause of the issue.