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Periodic update of mercury.db and mercury.db-wal (Warning for SSD users!)


I noticed an abnormal increase in the MBs written onto the SSD over the past few weeks or probabely monthes (I guess it was 1 TB over one month). With the help of SsdReady and the resource monitor in Windows 10 I could see that Spotify was periodically updating the files mercury.db and mercury.db-wal cause over 6 GB of writes per hour. There is another file with the name etilqs_*********** where the asterisks indicate some random letters. This file is also being periodically updated and rewritten but this time in the TEMP folder (AppData\Local\Temp).

I used the software "Process Monitor" from microsoft this time to monitor the writes regarding etliqs and the process spotify.exe caused about 280000 writes at the time. This has accompanied the rewriting of the two files mentioned earlier.

As a temporary solution I moved the WHOLE Spotify folder from the AppData\Local to a partition on the HDD Disk and created a symbolic link and had to change the environment variable of TEMP to another drive which has "fixed" the problem (now it has been an hour with 300 MB written only).


I hope the developers will further inspect this issue. 




Hey guys!


It seems we didn't receive a reply from your end. For this reason, we're setting this post as "Closed".
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Hey @kinbluu, welcome to the Community!


Can you let us know the Spotify version you're currently using?


We'll see what we can suggest. 


Hi @Alejandro_C !

Well it is the latest version



Fix this issue. It's lagging my online game non stop. What the flying **bleep** is Spotify engineers thinking?


Hey @kinbluu, thanks for sending that info over!


There's a new version of the desktop app. Give it a try reinstalling the app and see if you're still experiencing the same issue. Here's how


Hi @zeroxxx, thanks for letting us know you're experiencing the same issue. Could you also send over the version of Spotify you've got installed?


We'll help you fix this.

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Hey guys!


It seems we didn't receive a reply from your end. For this reason, we're setting this post as "Closed".
Don't hesitate to write us back if you need some extra help.
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Please re-visit this issue, it is still very much writing insane amounts of data:




That is correct, the problem is still there, so please fix it!


What kind of data do you need?

I've done many troubleshooting and definitely no issue on my end. This is Spotify's **bleep** programming again.


Guys, this can not be closed! On Mac OS X, the desktop app is writing and reading insane amounts of data to disk! You're literally killing my SSD! 


Please follow up and fix ASAP or I'll be forced to: 

a. cancel my subscription

b. potentially sue you and have you replace my SSD! 


Read your darn forums!


This is not acceptable, SSDs are still expensive as **bleep** - not to mention the huge time and opportunity costs associated to data loss and replacement! 


This is still very much an issue even after completely removing Spotify in both Windows and Mac systems and reinstalling the latest version. You need to have a hasty fix for this SSD killing bug otherwise I will convert to Apple Music and let everyone I know that your ship is sinking fast and deep. This bug is risking data integrity by destroying NAND cells with insane I/O.