Periodic update of mercury.db and mercury.db-wal (Warning for SSD users!)


I noticed an abnormal increase in the MBs written onto the SSD over the past few weeks or probabely monthes (I guess it was 1 TB over one month). With the help of SsdReady and the resource monitor in Windows 10 I could see that Spotify was periodically updating the files mercury.db and mercury.db-wal cause over 6 GB of writes per hour. There is another file with the name etilqs_*********** where the asterisks indicate some random letters. This file is also being periodically updated and rewritten but this time in the TEMP folder (AppData\Local\Temp).

I used the software "Process Monitor" from microsoft this time to monitor the writes regarding etliqs and the process spotify.exe caused about 280000 writes at the time. This has accompanied the rewriting of the two files mentioned earlier.

As a temporary solution I moved the WHOLE Spotify folder from the AppData\Local to a partition on the HDD Disk and created a symbolic link and had to change the environment variable of TEMP to another drive which has "fixed" the problem (now it has been an hour with 300 MB written only).


I hope the developers will further inspect this issue. 




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Hello @MaryC1, I ask you to please reopen this issue as it is obviously still not solved!


Bad press regarding this issue in Germany:

Golem is the largest german-speaking tech website. Come on Spotify, pull yourself together!


@MaryC1 how can this be closed? this is killing your customers SSDs and is even getting major press attention


And once again, music pirates are the winners, honest customers are losers and treated like idiots. Spotity is such an incapable and arrogant company!


Hey Spotify, the news is spreading fast! Now covered on nearly all german-speaking tech websites:


Just some examples:



I would like to translate just one sentence that can be found in every article: "Spotify ignores the problem." Really bad press for you guys!


Just read about this at

Honestly, this behavior sucks!

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You all need to post here:


Spotify's representative arrogantly closed this thread, this won't do anything.


Spotify has written 10% of the TBW (Total Bytes Written) on my SSD, in just a couple of Days. Before it was just 2%. I hope Spotify will pay for the Damage they did on my SSD. Otherwise i will spray that News all over the Internet to prevent People loosing their Data and get damaged Hardware due to Spotify  Its Time for Spotify to rewrite their **bleep**ty App.