[Pioneer AV device] short but predictable pauses

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Pioneer SC-LX701


Operating System Version:

2069-0000-1010-0008 (last Pioneer firmware)


Spotify Version:

Spotify connect included in above firmware



Predictable short (1/5th-10/10th second) delay at the start of 75% of tracks when played/pushed through Connect, then infrequent short (1/5th-10/10th second) gaps and freezes in the music.  Random and infrequent random pauses in tracks for the same duration.


Example:  The music will play for a 1 second and then Connect will attempt to change the artwork on display.  This change will interrupt the audio/DSP causing a sudden short drop out of all audio


To reproduce:

  1. Start spotify on tablet or phone
  2. Start a music
  3. Ask spotify Connect to stream from the Pionner receiver, and wait for a few Connect to engage
  4. Skip to the next track. most of the time the art work change will interrupt audio


No workaround found at all. Here is what I've tried, without any effect:

  • restarting the Pioneer receiver
  • updating the Pioneer's firmware
  • resetting the reciever
  • changing the network config of my Pioneer receiver (static IP or DHCP, auto DNS or Google's one, ...)
  • shutting down other devices on the network (tablet, PC, ...)
  • moving from wireless to wired ethernet
  • restarting my router
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Hi, @botler!


Welcome to the Spotify Community.


Do you recall if this started happening after a specific update or event? Also, could you let us know what device, operating system and Spotify version you're using? We'll see what we can suggest.


Keep us posted. 


I happened on all versions of firmware on the device from the time I got it out of the box brand new with the shipped firmware, right up to the latest one on the pioneer website (that it automatically installed on the device).  As its embedded, i cannot tell the specfic version/build of the Spotify client


I have since but the pioneer back in the box and shipped it back to the shop, and replaced it with a Yamaha and it was unacceptable




Thanks for that info, @lexnoodle!


Can you try to shut down every mobile device, unplugged every piece of A/V equipment and networking gear (router) and let it sit for about five minutes. Then, restart all your devices and let us know how it goes.


Keep us on the loop. 


The issue isnt because I have a printer turned on somewhere on a network.  I'm a network, systems and infosec engineer with 25+ years experience in blue chip companies, and the fault is in the software and how it is interrupting a controlling process or processor.  As I clearly stated, the device has been returned so please no more copy/paste responses.


Thanks for the info, @lexnoodle.


We'd like to gather as much info as we can. Can you let us know what device, operating system, and version of Spotify you're using to connect to the Pioneer device? Also, have you tried with any other device?


We recommend you to check this article since it seems your device is not compatible to Spotify.


Keep us posted 🙂


sigh.... SC-LX87 is the entry model unit and the 701/801/901 units are the bigger versions of that, all running the code you wrote for them.  Please don't reply as its like banging my head against a wall


Thanks for keeping us updated, @botler.


In this case, we'd like to know what device, operating system and Spotify version you're using to connect your Pioneer speaker to Spotify so we can see what else we can suggest. Also, we'd recommend you asking a friend or family member to sign into their Spotify account on your device just to check if this is still happening. 


Let us know how it goes. 


I'm done, really.  I've told you TWICE that the device has been returned, and it wasn't a pioneer speaker, it was an AV reciever, and you clearly ignored the research that was undertaken.  


Stop, you're just embarrassing yourself now.


Thanks for the info, @lexnoodle.


If you have any other questions, feel free to create a new thread. 


Have a great day.

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