[Pioneer device] Spotify connect gaps, blanks, and freezes


Pioneer N-50A-K


Operating System Version:

034.035.1010.100 (last Pioneer firmware)


Spotify Version:

Spotify connect included in 034.035.1010.100



Random but very frequent gaps and freezes in the music when using Spotify Connect.

Example:  The music will play for a few seconds, sometimes 5s., sometimes 40s.. Then gaps and gaps again, terrible during 20s, before everything seems to be normal again during 10s, and so on...


To reproduce:

  1. Start spotify on tablet or phone
  2. Start a music
  3. Ask spotify Connect to stream from the Pionner receiver, and wait for a few seconds


No workaround found at all. Here is what I've tried, without any effect:

  • restarting the Pioneer receiver
  • updating the Pioneer's firmware
  • changing the network config of my Pioneer receiver (static IP or DHCP, auto DNS or Google's one, ...)
  • shutting down other devices on the network (tablet, PC, ...)
  • using other ethernet ports on my router and/or ethernet switch
  • restarting my router



Additional information:


Sorry to post here again; I already detailed the issue in this thread: https://community.spotify.com/t5/Help-Other-Partners-Windows/Spotify-Connect-Denon-Connection-Loss-N... (like a lot of other users experiencing the same problems)


However, the above thread is marked as "resolved", so I'm not sure if Spotify staff is still monitoring the replies.

The thing is that the problems has appeared again the last 2 weeks. I thought that making a clear new thread will help everybody to follow the status, adding to the fact that it may be a different problem (different root cause) even if the effects on the users are clearly the same.



In order to sum-up the situation wih Spotify Connect:

  1. Middle of August: First users report problems with Spotify Connect.
    Music plays for a few seconds, and is then randomly stopped. It seems to impact a lot of receivers (Denon, Marrantz, Pioneer, ...) with different effects depending on the receivers (Network restart on Denons, gaps and pauses on Pioneers, ...).
  2. End of August: Fixed.
    Not a lot of details on what was changed, but it seemed that Spotify acknowledged that there was a problem on their server, and was solved.
  3. Since middle of November: same problems are back again.
    From what I see on this thread: https://community.spotify.com/t5/Help-Other-Partners-Windows/Spotify-Connect-Denon-Connection-Loss-N... , the 2 last pages are filled only by post of peoples experiencing this problem again since mid-November.

Hey everyone, 

First of all we appreciate your patience while our teams looked into this on our end. We’re marking this as closed as we have updated our partners with all the info we can on our side. Should we hear any other news about this or firmware updates to these devices we will post here. 

Thank you folks, we’ll close this thread for now. 


I have a Bose Soundtouch and started to have issues today when I tried to connect Spotify with it. The Bose app is not being able to connect to Spotify and music crashed when activating Spotify Connect from Spotify app.

The only reason to get Premium account was to connect with BOSE equipment.

So.... how do we fix it?


Spotify Legend

Hey Guys! 


Thank you all for your comments and feedback for this. Rest assured our tech-folk are working hard behind the scenes.


We'd like to get a little bit more info from you all if that's ok?


- Do you notice it happening at particular times of the day?
- Do you notice it happening more often when more people connected to the WiFi connection?
Please let us know how you get on and we'll feedback this to our tech team.
Music Fan



@Tiburonbor: I may be wrong, but I think your issue is different (maybe you should try to open an other thread?) On my side, the reason I created this thread is that I (and other people) can connect to the HiFi player using spotify connect, but sometimes the music is chopped, with lot of gaps or unexpected "pause/play/pause/play".



To answer your 2 questions:


1 - I don't remember noticing it at particular times of the day. When it happens, it happens nearly everytime I try to use Spotify Connect, sometimes immediatly, sometimes after a few minutes. It is like that during 2 or 3 weeks, and then the problem disappears. For 1 month, I can use Spotify connect flawlessly everyday during multiple hours. And then, after this month, I'm back again in the situation where Spotify Connect is a disaster. And it has been like that for nearly one year now.


For the moment (I repeat, only "for the moment", ie for the last couple of weeks) I don't experience any issue.


2- No. Moreover, my "Spotify Connect" HiFi device is not connected through WiFi. It is connected in Ethernet, through gigabits hardware (cables, router, ...)

The Spotify app I use to control the "Spotify Connect" hardware may be also be running on a computer connected through Ethernet, or on an Androïd device connected in Wifi, it does not change anything.


Also, like already explained before, I have a very good internet connection (optical fiber). The problem is not my network. If you look at my comment at the bottom of the page 2 of this thread, I have already posted a speedtest from my connection, please see http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/5072708860


And, an other reason why my connection is not faulty: Spotify always work perfectly when not used through Spotify Connect on the same network. Here is an example: I am using my HiFi hardware with Spotify Connect, and there are so many gaps that it is not hearable. If I switch from Spotify Connect to "classic" spotify (ie sound will come from my phone's speakers instead of my HiFi player), then the sound is perfect, even if this phone is connected in WiFi. Same thing if I use Spotify on a computer, with the maximum "premium 320kbps" quality selected.

The problem always ONLY happen on Spotify Connect device.


Finally, as a reminder, please check the video of the problem I posted here: https://youtu.be/ShM3Bv9hCN4

It may be easier to understand.


Spotify Legend

Hey @Guilimote


Thanks for that! We'll get all this passed to the tech team behind the scenes. 


Again, we understand your frustration and working hard to get this fixed for you all.




Spotify Legend

Hey Guys!


Just to jump in, we're still investigating this issue.


We appreciate all the information you've sent us, we're passing this on to our Tech team.


We'll post any updates over here.

Spotify Legend

Hey there!


We're still investigating this one and we hope to have an update soon.


Keep an eye on this thread for any new info.


Our best,

Casual Listener

I read all the comments about the problem with spotify connect. I have experienced the same problem with a minx Xi ( cambridge audio). The music present drops out, randomly and every time I listen music through the spotify connect. Some times I used the app cambridge connect for listen the music and connect with spotify through it and the problem persist. It seem to be the problem is with many Hi Fi product that connect with spotify connect. I hope you can solve this problem because I Read in several post especially from Guilimote is very frustrating this happens. 



Casual Listener

Yesterday was impossible. I could listen music with the minx Xi. Really is very frustrating when you buy a hi fi radio to listen spotify and doesn't work. I hope the spotify team can fix the proble. My best for you. 👍👍

Casual Listener

Sorry but I could not hear music thorough spotify connect. 


Hey @DrzechuWe're really sorry to hear that.


The folks here are still working hard to get things fixed. Stay tuned, and we'll let you know as soon as we have more information.


Thanks for your patience.

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