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Pixel 3 USB-C headphones skip function not working






Pixel 3

Operating System

Android 9


My Question or Issue

Double-clicking the pause/play button on the headphones to skip a song does not work. All other functions pause, play, volume work. I'm using the USB-C headphones that came with the Pixel 3. Skip works in other applications like Google Music. I can reproduce the problem with Samsung headphones + USB-C adapter.


Hey folks,


Several of you have reported back saying that setting up Google Assistant resolves the issue. As a result, we'll be closing this thread out.


If you're having trouble setting up Goggle Assistant, please refer to @CJSelf36's reply below, which walks you through the steps.




Hey @teeeho.


Thanks for reaching out to us about this, and apologies for the slow reply! We'll be happy to help you out if you're still experiencing this issue 🙂

We found a post on the Google forum which has several solutions which seem to have worked for other users. Just head here.


Let us know how it goes! If you're still having trouble, let us know and we'll be happy to help you further.


Hi Peter, 

I'm experiencing the same problem to the one described by @teeeho on my Pixel 3 and I have looked into the solution you've suggested. It does work but with one important caveat - once Spotify is closed and launched again or phone restarted I need to perform the workaround again, which is quite inconvenient. Do you think there should be a more permanent solution for this bug?

As a side note, having used Spotify absolutely flawlessly for almost 5 years but on iOS, I'm quite surprised how Android app is so much different and less thought through. 


Thanks in advance,




Hey @greatish.


Thanks for reporting this to us.


We have passed this information on to our tech folks. As soon as they get back to us with an update, we will let you know in this thread.


Thanks again!


Hey @teeeho and @greatish,


Could you try using the headphone with another device and see if the same thing happens?


Also, let us know your OS versions and Spotify versions. 





I'm having the same issue.  I'm using the Google pixel 3, and have noticed this issue with both the Google pixel earbuds (USB c) as well as Panasonic rptcm125v headphones connected to the pixel 3 USB-c-to-headphone-jack adapter.


And the Panasonic headphones remote functionality works fine with Spotify on my other device, a Samsung S7


I tested the Pixel 3 USB-C headphones on another device:

Samsung Galaxy S8 / Android 8.0.0 / Spotify v8.4.81.558

The skip does not initially work like on the Pixel 3. I was able to do the workaround of holding the skip button to bring up the Google assistant and speaking "skip song", then the skip button works after that. As @greatish stated, this is only temporary and I also confirmed the issue returns after restarting Spotify or the phone.


Back on the original device:

Pixel 3 / Android 9 / Spotify v8.4.81.558


The workaround of calling the Google assistant works as well but doesn't require me to speak. I can press the button to call up the assistant, dismiss it, and then the skip button works for that session. Issue returns after Spotify or phone restart.

Status changed to: Need more info

Hi there!


Thanks for reaching out to us!


We'd like to further investigate what's going on. We need a few examples to do this so if you haven't sent over the following yet, please do:


  • Device and OS
  • Spotify version
  • If it happens with an adapter or without
  • If the headphones work with a different device

Looking forward to your reply!


Hi @Guido, I believe I provided all this information in my most recent comment. Thank you. 


Any updates on this, I'm honestly about to return my pixel 3. Seems like a minor issue, but it means I have to pick up my phone so much more during the day while at work.  New tech should solve problems, not create them!