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Playback bar stutters on the desktop app.

Hey there,


We've received reports about the playback bar stuttering or freezing during playback on the desktop app.

Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone! Just make sure your app is updated to the latest version.


If you're still having trouble, make sure to post a new thread in the relevant help board here.




I have same issue on Windows 11, re-installing the app doesn't fix the issue.


Version build (downloaded latest from Spotify website).

Highvoltaged, still not fixed


I can confirm this bug on my Windows 10 device. SUPER ANNOYING!
Song progress just stays at the same position when i change to the next song...  the progress bar only "wakes up" when i manually scroll to a specific position in the new song....


But now seriously...  who is responsible for Windows testing? How can this version be released at all and why does it take ages to fix this on your side? Sorry, but i have been Spotify Premium customer since day one and it feels the windows app gets worse and worse, with every release...



I can't believe this is still broken. It's been over a month now. 

The progress bar (a critical feature) is essentially nonfunctional.

This is happening on all of my devices (Windows 10, Android 12). 

Where is Spotify's quality control?! Why was such an obvious bug allowed to exist in the first place?

In response to Weich: 
I totally agree, the Windows/desktop app has been totally ruined.
Spotify followed some flawed design logic of "The Windows app has to match the phone app" (including having far less features, an oversimplified UI full of wasted space, and no plugin support). 
Remember when Spotify allowed us to use addons and our own GUIs?
Remember when the UI wasn't wasting space and the search bar was simply at the top of the window instead of being buried?
They have intentionally taken away control and forced an inferior, dumbed-down client on us in the name of bad design.
The truth is they want complete control, regardless of what users/customers want.
Phone UIs don't belong on the desktop, and users want control over their UI/client.


I'm having all these problems - I only use Spotify on my iPhone but somehow it found it's way onto my laptop - which I never use to play music from Spotify.  My phone Spotify app keeps screwing up when it is offline which is why I got spotify in the first place as we have coverage issues here. It worked just fine until a couple weeks ago and I'm ready to cancel my subscription. I might get a couple of songs out of it and then it repeats just those songs. If I try to move it to the next song the app freezes and I cannot play anything offline or even online (assuming I can get out of offline to home to get into my settings to change it....) I have removed and replaced the app dozens of times and I've cleared the cache as previously directed but all of this keeps happening. 




United States


iPhone SE



OS: Windows 11


I've been having an issue where if I click on the time bar where you go to different points on a song, the time just freezes and I can't unfreeze it until I go and click it again. This is really annoying cause I like to see where I am in a song but if I try to drag it to 0 to restart the song, it just stays at 0. I don't know what is causing this and it is happening on both my laptop and desktop, both running Windows 11.



Same issue here. Seems to consistently get stuck at 0:53 seconds on every song lol


A new version has been released, the bug has been fixed in it.
From whom the update has yet arrived, you can download it at this link


Still have the same issue. Even though I just did a clean re-install off a freshly downloaded version from the official Spotify website.


How is this still not fixed after such a long time?


This happens frequently on my iPhone while driving, but also while in my house listening on my tv. It never used to be an issue, but recently, maybe a couple months ago began to happen. Its extremely frustrating when I am enjoying my song and it stops and freezes or completely changes in the middle of a song to a new song.