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Playback issues since last update : Android






Oneplus 6

Operating System

Android 8.1

 Application version armV7

My Question or Issue

 Since the last update I'm encountering several problems that were already flagged as bugs in previous threads, but all at the same time.

- After some time of use, the notification controls disappear and I have to control the music by opening the app

- The mini-bar showing pause/play control and song name while browsing the app can start the music but not pause it. The only controls that work are the full screen ones

- Sound goes to speaker when unplugging wired headphones and/or bluetooth headset instead of pausing

- The music just stops randomly by itself , and when going into the app, it's paused


What I tried

- Reset the application permissions

- Reset the phone settings specific to headsets

- Reinstalling the app

- Force kill the app and restart


The only things that worked did so temporarily. By force killing the app, it goes back to working normaly for a time.


This is ongoing since the last update, since almost a month.


I really hope this will be fixed soon as it's making me consider switching to another service.


Hey everyone!


Thanks for all your reports.


We've noticed that there seem to be four different issues happening in the Android app at the moment.


To make it easier for everyone to stay updated on the ones they experience, please head to the related threads and add your +VOTE:

  1. Music Randomly pausing on Androidif music randomly pauses when playing from the app
  2. Android client functions appear to be stuck offlinethe app shows offline when in Search or Browse
  3. App runs when headphones/speakers are disconnectedthe app is continuing to run rather than pause when any headphones or speakers are disconnected
  4. Notification controls not working on Android app : the notification bar is not updated /unresponsive / doesn't show up

Our tech folks are currently looking into these issues. We'll make sure to let you know as soon as we have more updates for each respective thread. 


In the meantime, we'll close this thread to avoid confusion. 




Force stop has fixed it for me for the moment (Also on OnePlus 6). I'll see if the fix sticks or if it reverts back to same behavior.


After going through the Steps posted above the issue disappeared for me, sorry for the late response, I just wanted to make sure that the Issue was really gone.


Same problem on my One Plus 6 with Spotify armV7


I also have the same problem on Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s.


Thanks!! This worked on my oneplus5



Hey everyone!


We're glad to hear that force stopping the app has helped with this issue.


If your Spotify starts misbehaving again, just give us a shout.


All the best.


Same here:

OnePlus 6, Android 8.1, OxygenOS 5.19

Spotify armV7


- Music stopps / pauses randomly

- Icon in status bar disappears / lock screen controls missing

- Skipping tracks in music control shows wrong information for current track

Since I now pay for spotify it's somewhat better.. but the app still cuts off while playing. 
Yep still has issues but it works better now that I got a new phone and I pay for the app 
I've had a paid subscription for many years.
Oddly I have more instances of interruption with wired headphones than I
did with Bluetooth.