Playlist Filter Not Remembering Selection

Hey there!

We've had a few recent reports of the below issue:

The playlist filter in the "Songs" section of Your Library works as
expected, but the filter inside of playlists isn't working as expected.

If you search for something using the filter at the top of a playlist > tap the first song in the results, it will not play the songs in order.

Due to these reports on the Community, we've now passed this info directly onto our best tech folks.

We hope to have some more info soon, and we really appreciate you bearing with us.



Hi all,


We've passed this on to the right team and it's in their timeline for fixing. We'll close this for now as they don't need any other info from users.


We'd recommend keeping your eye out for updates to the app in the meantime.


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Community Manager
Status changed to: Under investigation


This is now being investigated by our best tech team, and we'll keep you in the loop 🙂

If you're experiencing this issue, please can you let us know:

1: Your device:
2: Operating system:
3: Version of Spotify:

Many thanks for your patience.



I have a saved playlist on my phone, when I am trying to edit some of the songs to delete them off of the playlist then click done it doesn't save it ? Tried several times and doesn't save what I've deleted and remains the same.

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1: iPhone 6S Plus

2: iOS 10.3.1



My comment from another thread…




The filter feature in playlists is completely broken still. Swiping left for the next song plays something that is not even in the filtered results. It sometimes plays songs from the filtered results, but mostly this doesn't work. 

Here's another video showing this in action…

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Hey @Chris91825@Sarakocks!


Thanks for your reports. We've passed them onto the team backstage. 


We haven't any news just yet but hope to have an update soon. In the meantime, make sure you're both rocking the latest version of Spotify.


Cheers 😁

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Iphone 7

IOS 10.3.1


The filter doesnt remember the chosen option. He always resets itself to customized and doesnt save the option added reciently. Its very annoying, because i always hae to scroll down to the bottom to listen to my new music.




I'm having the same problem - trying to set the default sorting of a custom playlist to "Recently Added" instead of "Custom" doesn't stick. It also seems to get stuck on downloading - I move the Download switch to "on" while I'm connected to Wifi but it just says "Downloading" and never seems to update. (Edit: I should add that I have the 256GB iPhone with over 100GB available, so I know that's not the issue!)

1: Your device: iPhone 7 Plus
2: Operating system: iOS 10.3.1
3: Version of Spotify:


(Edit - most of my custom playlists have this problem.)

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 @Sarakocks, @user-removed, @lo1337ta


Hello, the issues you guys posted about have nothing to do with the original bug reported here I'm afraid.


This thread is about the filter feature in playlists, which plays artists that aren't in the filtered results (see video above if interested).


What @user-removed and @lo1337ta are referring to is something else.

You guys are describing the playlist sort bug, which resets the chosen playlist "view/sort setting" after navigating out of a playlist.

I'm also familiar with that bug and there are other threads about this, like this one:


I would maybe post there and delete your entries here to keep this less confusing. But yeah, what you describe is a thing too 😉 I hate it as well


@Chris91825 Thanks dude, I really appreciate your reply! I'm going to leave my comment here though, because it looks like both of these bugs were reported about 3 weeks ago and they do sound similar -- essentially, filters within playlists are not working. Your awesome video specifies search within filter, but the outcome is the same in that playlist filters aren't remembering any settings.

Also, a mod has commented on this thread asking for help, and there's not much happening on the other thread you linked. Unless you are an engineer at Spotify and you're telling me they definitely aren't related, I'm hoping these posts can help anyone else who might be searching on Google.

I cross posted to the other thread. Thanks again!

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Sure, no problem man. I have no idea what's actually going on with these issues lately and if they are related or not. I think they are aware of both issues though by now, which is all that matters.


(I think the confusion I had at first was the wording here, with "filter" referring to the search inside of playlists (like the thread starter intended) and you guys using the word filter for the playlist view/sorting options, which I think aren't actually a filter, but a view setting, since nothing of the content inside the playlist is filtered, just rearranged. But I do get the similarities.) 


Thank you for your reply.

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iOS release 8.4.1 didn't fix the filter issue (search within playlists). It still plays songs outside of the filtered results.


The "sort by" settings for playlists (custom, artist, recently added, title), which has been mentioned by others in this thread as well seems to be fixed though. 

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