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Playlist not showing on smart tv

Status: Closed



For some reason, since yesterday 2.25.17 my playlist hasn't been showing up on my Smart TV (vizio, model: D24-D1). I have a premium membership. I have reset, re login,  and still nothing

We appreciate your reports about the TV app. Due to our inability to continue updating and maintaining the LibSpotify TV app, we had to take the unfortunate decision to remove the app from the some of our platforms. There’s more info available at


There are still plenty of ways to stream Spotify through your TV and other platforms! For more information, head to

I have a Samsung H6400 and have been using the Spotify App on this for around a year. At some point last week the app stopped loading my playlists.

The firmware is up to date and I have deleted the app and reinstalled but this does not resolve the issue.

I also have a Samsung K5500 (which has the Tizen OS), iPhone and iPad and the playlists appear fine on these platforms.

This doesn't appear to be a problem with Samsung as I can see posts on here with people complaining of the same issue whilst using different manufacturers.

Is a fix being worked on?
Status changed to: New issue report

Hey @33rpm!


That's not cool. Just to confirm are you getting an error message or a "Loading..." screen? If possible, send us a screenshot or picture. We'll see what we can do for you.


Keep us posted.

    1. No loading page just a blank page in the playlist section




The first couple of times this occurred exiting the app and then reloading would fix it but for over a week it's refused to load despite reinstalling app.

I've attached photo of screen, but not much to see!

Status changed to: New issue report

Thanks for the heads up, @33rpm!


Our best tech folks are on the case as we speak. Hopefully we'll have a fix soon and we'll keep you updated.


Don't hesitate to drop us a message if you need extra help.


Have a nice day 🙂 


Hey @33rpm!


We just wanted to check in to see if this is still happening.


If so, is it happening with all playlists? Or, just specific ones?

We'll report back to our best tech folks.


Thanks, and keep us in the loop.




Hey guys,


We've not forgotten about this and our tech folks are still looking into it. Just to check, are you still having this similar issue? If so, we'd recommend checking out for firmware updates on the device. Fingers crossed we have some more info soon.


Hey @33rpm!


We haven't heard back from you recently.

Can we check to see if this is still happening?
We'll continue passing info onto the right team if so.

Many kind thanks, and keep us posted.




I have a different Vizio and have been having the same problem for a few days now.


The playlists came back though now and then they completely disappear again. Fortunately this time restarting the app seems to fix it.


I have been dealing with the same problem.