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Playlist not showing on smart tv



For some reason, since yesterday 2.25.17 my playlist hasn't been showing up on my Smart TV (vizio, model: D24-D1). I have a premium membership. I have reset, re login,  and still nothing

We appreciate your reports about the TV app. Due to our inability to continue updating and maintaining the LibSpotify TV app, we had to take the unfortunate decision to remove the app from the some of our platforms. There’s more info available at


There are still plenty of ways to stream Spotify through your TV and other platforms! For more information, head to

literally nothing. they're doing nothing - I don't know why people are even
bothering anymore. cancel your subscription and report them to the BBB -
this has been going on since January and Spotify doesn't intend to fix it
I agree. How can you start so strong with a great product and then let
customers down the way they've been doing.


I am just new to Now TV this week, set everything up and was delighted you can add spotify to the apps.  Uploaded 24/05/17 and no playlists linking to my account! Hoping this gets resolved as the app is very handy for when having friends/family over!


this will not be fixed. Spotify has not done anything about this issue
since it was brought to their attention in January.

Cancel your spotify subscription and report them to the BBB - they don't
care about their customers at all.

I am experiencing the same problem on my new LG TV. At first the playlists loaded with no issue, now I am only able to browse for music. 

Try to log out, unistall app, unplug tv for a minute, reinstall and log on.
Give it a few minutes. Worked om my LG. Starred list is upside down, and
discover weekly does not load but its better than nothing...
I've done that and it didn't work

I get this issue on a LG 4K WebOS TV in the spotify app. It's been this way for a very long time - unacceptable.


please fix.


No more investigation/ issue to be reported anymore after this thenNo more investigation/ issue to be reported anymore after this then

 Case closed




Same issue I've been dealing with for the last year (roughly) -but only with the Discover Weekly playlist. 


I have a Vizio D5ou-D1


Any help would be appreciated! I love that playlist! ..I'd love it more from my sound bar ;]