Playlist not showing on smart tv



For some reason, since yesterday 2.25.17 my playlist hasn't been showing up on my Smart TV (vizio, model: D24-D1). I have a premium membership. I have reset, re login,  and still nothing

We appreciate your reports about the TV app. Due to our inability to continue updating and maintaining the LibSpotify TV app, we had to take the unfortunate decision to remove the app from the some of our platforms. There’s more info available at


There are still plenty of ways to stream Spotify through your TV and other platforms! For more information, head to

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @33rpm!


We're sorry to hear.

Just to check, is the whole section still missing? Or, are just some of your playlists missing now?

We'll see what else we can suggest.


Many thanks 🙂




My playlist has stopped loading on my Vizio tv.

It shows I'm logged in. I can search, play songs and everything else. My playlist just doesn't load. What's up Spotify. Any discounts on our monthly subscriptions??


My playlists were all working well for a while and then all the sudden the playlists have been gone.

It doesnt say loading or anything, its just a blank screen.

The rest of spotify is working fine.

Hello, I have had my playlists disappear from the Spotify apps for both Roku (Premiere plus) and LG tv (OLED55B6P) over the past week. I have tried logging out and back in, uninstalling/reinstalling the apps, and making changes on my phone app or windows desktop program but nothing seems to help. Anyone have any suggestions?

Hi there. I upgraded to the latest spotify version on Saturday and since then my playlists  have not appeared on my LG TV.  I just get a blank screen when I go to playlists. I see a few people are having simialr problems. Any update on what the issue is and is there a fix? Im having a baby on 2 weeks and would really like this sorted before then.  Thanks

After recent update I can't see my playlists. Several users with the same problem. Even Samsung users after a quick look. Do you even test updates? Any word on a fix?
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Hey folks!


Thanks for letting us know about this. Can you tell us if the playlists show as Loading... or nothing shows at all? If possible, send us a screenshot/photo of what you see when trying to access the playlsits. Have you experienced the same with Albums or saved Songs?


Keep us posted!

Status changed to: Need more info

Just changing the status to Need more info 🙂


I am having the same issue except it's on my Vizio (M501d-A2R). Up-to-date firmware, have removed the account and logged back in, and turned the TV off and back on with no luck. Help!

No playlists loading on my Vizio TV


I have an LG smart TV and I can't see my playlists! Before it worked  trying to add  a random song from "what's new" to "add to playlist". It used to work!!! Because the playlists reappeared again and everyone happy, but now... It doesn't work anymore since two or three days ago. So I'm pretty mad. I'm paying premium in order to listen to it with my TV, so I can't listen to my playlists but by my phone or iPod, and it's annoying. 



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