Playlist not showing on smart tv

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For some reason, since yesterday 2.25.17 my playlist hasn't been showing up on my Smart TV (vizio, model: D24-D1). I have a premium membership. I have reset, re login,  and still nothing

We appreciate your reports about the TV app. Due to our inability to continue updating and maintaining the LibSpotify TV app, we had to take the unfortunate decision to remove the app from the some of our platforms. There’s more info available at


There are still plenty of ways to stream Spotify through your TV and other platforms! For more information, head to


I have been having this problem a few months now, I cant believe as big as Sportify, you cant fix a problem that is reported by so many users? Please fire your tech lead already. From one look, I know this problem is because of the data structure change and the Sportify app isnt updated to show it. But please, fix this thing.


My TV is LG webOS TV UF770T. Software Version 04.05.01.




I have a Sony Bravia smart tv and have not had my playlists showing since  Christmas 2016. 

I have tried everything!!!!

Working ok on iPhone and iPad.

any suggestions????


I just got some playlists back 2 weeks ago. Then I started getting a reminder that the app was going to be disabled soon. I received an email last week stating the same. I can get more contact with spotify for clarification. 

I haven't seen the 'My Playlists' option in the menu on my NowTV Spotify app for at least a month now, get a move on Spotify! :l    I checked the other thread and it's been an issue going around for 4 months now and still not fixed.


Ps. While I'm here. The app on NowTV feels really old and outdated and lacks some features that are available on every other platform. For example, it plays independantly from the app so I cannot control it from my iPhone app/it doesn't show up in 'Devices Available' 



NowTV Spotify App - No Playlists optiNowTV Spotify App - No Playlists opti


I am having the same issue and it's a critical problem because now I cant use Spotify at all! All palylists are shown as "loading". Nothing will play via other avanues either. The APP on Samsung Smart Hub is absolutely Broken!


Samsung Smart TV, JU7000 60".


I've tried everything and have scoured the forums already. Tried changing routers, restoring the TV to stock and reinstalling smart hub, updating app, altering settings on the PC based Spotify platofrm, updating the TV software, swearing at it, removing playlists, wiping profile.


This is absolute BS, why am I paying for a broken product?


Same problem here... on an LG Smart TV Model: 47LB700V


I am a premium user. My playlist doesn't show up on my vizio TV and I have a Roku.  It use to show but not anymore.  I'll cancel my subscription if you guys don't resolve this issue.  Sign brigitte


You know this playlist problem won't go away when the moderators jumped ships from pages ago, NO HELP to anyone's playlist problem and it does not matter what TV model you have it is broken to all TV app. Spotify YOU SUCK! 




Exact same problem since 3 months on LG 55b6 Oled. Only a few of my playlists are loading, rest are blank. Please look into this. 

Also - why isn't there support for keyboard input when using the app on a smart TV. Pretty annoying to have to use arrows to input names of songs and so on.




So we're all having the same problem in different brand TV's. What is Spotify doing about this???