(Playlist) "Liked songs" restarts to first song

Status: Fixed






iPhone 11 Pro

Operating System

iOS 13.3.1

Spotify version


My Question or Issue

If I'm listening to, say song #237 in a playlist, when the song is over it always jumps back to the first song in said playlist. This happens with any song # I choose.

How can this be solved?

Edit: I say playlist, but I mean the list of "Liked songs"

Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone! Just make sure your app is updated to the latest version.


If you're still having trouble, make sure to post a new thread in the relevant help board here.




Seriously??? This is STILL happening? Guys we need to make sure that Spotify do their **bleep**ing job! This is absolutely unacceptable! Fix it, right now! 


A quick update on my side;

It all started few months back when I couldnt even listen to the songs without going back to the first song of the list. That got fixed fortunately and I can listen to the songs without going back, BUT, it is not fixed yet. 
Yes, I can listen to the songs without going to back but only if I open my "liked songs" tab and go all the way down to the music I was listening last... If I don't do it, and just let it play, after it plays the last song that was being played, it will go back to the first song of the list. And it is not only that, I have to re arrange the listing in order to have the next song in alphabetic listing to be played, other ways it is just going to play the song in the album or something random... 
So, in order to play a song, I need to open the app (either on my phone or my pc, doesn't mather) go to the music I was listening, --quick tab, If I am on pc I need to click to the "sort my names" thing, If I am on the phone I just need to;-- click to that song (last song I played) and then listen to it without a problem, until I restart the aplication...

I know I made a quite mess while explaining but the situaiton itself is a mess itself...

I am using Samsung Galaxy Note 5 for mobile and windows 10 for pc. Don't think it is about devices, it is a bug from spotify that they need to fix... Immediately too...


Can't believe this is still the issue, it was like this for about a year. This is the video of the issue on my end:

  1. As you see, the first time you play liked songs, and go to next one, it does so in alphabetical order, but the moment you close app and open it again, and click on next song, it switches to one by date they were added. I'm using Xiaomi 9T phone with latest OS, but same issue persist on both my laptops with windows 10. Really hope this helps to put this issue to bed, because it's super annoying. @Mihail 
Spotify starting to turn into a garbage service, getting to the point of ea
games ffs

@Mario @Mihail The issue has been resolved on my devices, previously, the playlist would restart when it transitioned to the next song, I can now play every song on "Liked" without it restarting.









Windows 10 PC, Android Auto App for car, and LG G8X Thinq


I have an active job, so when I walk away from my Windows PC at work, I often "switch the device" to my LG phone that's connected to a small blutooth headset so I can keep listening while I walk around the building. It will switch over fine, and then all of a sudden go back to the start of the "Liked Songs" list once the current songs finishes playing. Same thing happens when I connect my phone to the Android Auto setup in my car. This didn't start happening until a week or two ago, and it is really frustrating. I have uninstall and reinstalled Spotify on both my phone and on my work PC, but the same issue still happens. I hope this issue gets fixed fast!!!!





samsung s9, asus zenbook


Operating System

oreo; Windows 10

Spotify Version
is constantly updated.


When I play a song through my 'Liked Songs' playlist. I would play it in order (not shuffled). When I exit the app and comeback, there should be songs next in the playlist since it wasn't the last song. Instead of playing what is supposedly the next song, a random one would play (I don't even have it on shuffle). Let's say I was playing song #35, when I exit and return the next song to play should be #36, but instead it would play #241 and play in order from there.  

Another related issue is that when I'm offline on my phone, when I exit the app and come back to it, songs next in the playlist would disappear. I cannot immediately just press play and it would play songs. I would have to go back to said playlist and press a song before songs would appear in the queue. 


I found a fix to this issue:


Play any song from your "Liked Songs" and then press the Next button.

Check your Queue and the next song should be fixed.


I think this issue can be summed up as follows:


If "Liked songs" is sorted by anything other than the default sorting, then when when a song is played the queue will not be populated with the rest of the "Liked Songs" list.


This is very counter-intuitive for the user because in any other playlist, when pressing play on a song the queue would be automatically populated with the rest of the songs in the playlist via the currently selected sort order. 



GUYS!!!! I found the solution!!


go to setting>general > iPhone storage  > Spotify >offload  app 


then restart Spotify, problem solved!


im using iOS 14.0.1

Env: prod