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Playlist updating during playback results in incorrect songs showing as playing.

Status: Closed

Noticed this bug on the desktop client (version


Started playback from Discover Weekly Playlist.

Changed to another playlist.

Changed back and Discover Weekly playlist was refreshed.


The currently playing song, as shown in the bottom left panel is correct (and is from the old playlist); but the playing tag is beside the equivalent position on the new playlist - showing the wrong song.

This issue persisted through each track played until I selected an item from the new playlist.


If I had to guess, the display view uses the position of the songs within the playlist to indicate what is playing on the playlist, and not the track ID. Should be a simple fix.

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I am closing this issue due to inactivity.

If the problem persists or you need more help, feel free to submit a new issue.

Status changed to: Closed

Hey @MusicaDev2 thanks for coming to the Spotify Community for this. 

When you say the Discover Weekly was refreshed do you mean it was Monday and all your songs changed while you were viewing the other playlist?


I've reported this previously under the Mac Desktop forum ( I get this issue most often after deleting things from a playlist that I have open (and playing). It doesn't happen 100% of the time, but often enough that it's very annoying.


Hey guys and gals!


Could i ask if you are still experiencing this in version 1.0.18?


Hasn't happened yet in the latest version. Will report back if I can reproduce it.

Status changed to: Closed
Happened again in 1.0.19
Status changed to: Closed



Okay lets try figure this out 🙂


Could you send me steps on how to reproduce this issue?


@jean3601 thanks. I just updated to and it has the same issue. It's actually even worse than before.


What happens (at least right after restarting to get the new update) is that I'll be playing a song in my playlist and I select a few songs before the one I'm playing and attemt to remove them from the playlist. But in the GUI nothing happens except for deselecting the songs. It looks like the songs were not removed from the playlist. But if I click on a different playlist, and then click back to the original playlist, the songs that I attempted to remove are actually gone. The interface just didn't update properly when I tried to remove the songs.


Now if I click on the now playing song's album artwork it takes me to a completely different song than is actually playing. It selects a song a few down from what's actually playing. The difference is in the # of songs that I had removed from the playlist. This offset from the now playing song will persist until I stop playing the song, and double-click the song I was on to start playing it again.


If I restart the app, and click on the "now playing" song's album artwork, it still takes me to the wrong song.




I am unable to reproduce your issues in v 1.0.19


When i click on the now playing album artwork it takes me to the correct playlist


Could you send me a numbered step by step guide on how to reproduce the issue?