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Playlist won't play when Enhance is toggled on

I have noticed that multiple people, throughout several platforms, have encountered a bug/issue where the playlist will not play when playing a playlist that has been enhanced.  


After testing it out for myself, i too have encountered the issue.

Here is how i encountered the bug.

  1. Chose a playlist that hasn't been enhanced
  2. Played a song 
  3. Clicked on enhanced
  4. Song selected continues to play but next song stops playing and won't play unless enhanced is turned off. Also occurs if you try to skip or select a different song.

For those who have encountered the issue please upvote/comment your experience on this thread.


Happy Listening!


Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone! Just make sure your app is updated to the latest version.


If you're still having trouble, make sure to post a new thread in the relevant help board here.



Whenever I have the enhanced feature turned on so far all of my playlists either won't play or my screen will say no internet connection.

I an having the same issue, making me very upset 

There's a "No internet connection available" in all the Spotify player I use both on Android phone and Android tablet even though its connected to the wifi
When my public playlist is enhanced, it will not play any of the songs despite me clicking on play (both on Windows desktop as well as iPhone). But when I turn off the enhance feature, the playlist will be able to play again. Anyone have a fix for this or any suggestions? I really enjoy the enhanced playlist feature and I would like to continue to use this feature.

I just started having the same problem. Since you just posted 20 min. ago maybe it's a temporary thing. It was working fine at my office earlier today. I'm on a Mac FYI.

When I stop Enhance it goes back to normal and plays the songs, but when I turn to Enhance back on it stops working. Idk if this is a server problem since this does this on all platforms.

Exact same thing for me but it works when I turn off enhance for some reason

I do have internet connection, if I search for a any song, Spotify can play it, but if I want to play the same song using the "Liked songs" playlist, there appears "No internet connection available"


Plan: premium family
App version:
Device: galaxy note 20 ultra 5g
Android version: 13

Whenever i enable smart shuffle on a playlist no music will play and i get the message "go online to listen to this playlist or turn off smart shuffle to listen to your downloads"
And when i enable the enhance feature i get the message "no internet connection" and i am unable to turn off the enhance feature.
I am able to play music from playlists that do not have either feature enabled and i can play songs that the enhance feature adds to playlists by manuelly searching for the song.

Relevent information:
When the enhance feature is enabled on a playlist i can " disable " it by closing the app from the app tray and relaunching the app where the enhance feature will be gone entirely and replaced by the smart shuffle feature that i can dissable, the above issue still persists however.
To get the enhance feature back i have to uninstall then reinstall the app.
I gave made sure that both my device and the app are up to date.
I have uninstalled, reinstalled, and fresh installed the app.
I have turned myy device off and on.
I have connected my device to both a reliable wifi source and moble data source and verified that both were working proporly.


I'm also having this same problem for both my phone (iPhone 8 and iPhone 13 Mini) and my laptop 😕