Playlist wont Fully Load in the Web Player

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Chromebook 11

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Crome os


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my Playlist Will, not Completely Load up and it will still play songs below that how do I fix this 


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This should now be fixed! If this is still an issue for you, please create a thread in the relevant Help Board 🙂


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I've got the same problem. I can't load more than 20 songs, but on shuffle, it plays more than those. 

Same here and have even used chat for help.  Was told to hang in and my problem would be passed on to a team of something like that.  I personally think this has to do with the latest update to Spotify. I noticed the scroll bar is way too wide and the new thingamajig at the bottom that was added so you can see the album for the song you are listening to, is redundent. That was already an option. All other sites are working as well so this has to be an issue that started with latest changes.  Also, would like to ask others with chromebooks that are having similar problems, to PLEASE, CONTACT SPOTIFY, as well as community, or this will end up an ongoing problem that is never fixed. 

Status changed to: Under investigation



We've received reports from users that not all songs show when loading a playlist. We're aware of this and are currently investigating the issue.


If you are experiencing this, click +vote and leave a comment with the following:


  • Which device the issue happens on
  • OS version
  • Which browser you tried

We'll keep you up-to-date in this topic.


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Can't load more than 50 albums, favourite songs and playlists in my library. Using web player on Windows (chrome browser, but the problem appeared on other browsers as well)


I have same issue. Chrome / Windows 7.

Same issue here, in playlists and library views. No more than 50 items will load. Chrome and Edge on Windows 10, and Chrome on macOS Mojave.


Same issue on my desktop computer in a chrome browser running Windows 7. Has been happening for about a week. Have tried deleting history/cookies/cache, restarting, logging out and back in, etc. Please fix!

  • Which device the issue happens on: web player
  • OS version: Windows 7
  • Which browser you tried: Firefox. I also updated to the latest version and still having issues.



Web Player
Windows 7
Google Chrome


I play a podcast and it wont load all of the episodes, but if I click next, it will go to the next, but I can't see which ones I'm going to.