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Playlist just keeps looping even after setting the "Repeat" option to off, only happens if the playlist has less than 50 songs


How To Reproduce:

Play any playlist (with less than 50 songs) and it will just keep playing even after all the songs have played it will just continue to loop.


Additional information:

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Thanks! 🙂

Status changed to: Closed
Samsung galaxy note3 5.0 android. Spotify That looping is so annoying

iPhone 6 IOS 9.0



Hi, I'm not sure if this is the exact same problem but when I play any album, its tracked will be added multiple times to my queue. For somereason it always seems to be around 100 tracks in the queue, so an album with 10 tracks will be added to the queue 10 times. If it;s a 5-song EP it will be added to the queue 20 times.


I reported this through email and received an unhelpful reply to delete and reinstall the app, without any indication that was a known correction, so I'm not going to deleted and try to redownload all the songs I've already downloaded.


Android 5.1.1 (Oxygen 2.0.2)



I started checking the relationship between the number of repeats as per below:


9 songs - Shown 12 times

8 songs - Shown 13 times

7 songs - Shown 15 times


32 songs - Shown 4 times

50 songs - Shown 3 times


I then realised that I was only looking at the first song of the playlist to see how many times it was getting repeated, but it turned out the last repeat of the playlist was not complete. 


I discovered that the playlist repeats for 101 songs (or possibly 100 if I miscounted). This does match with the numbers.


101/9 = 11.2 - Rounded to 12

101/8 = 12.6 - Rounded to 13

101/7 = 14.4 - Rounded to 15


101/32 = 3.2 - Rounded to 4

101/50 = 2.02 - Rounded to 3


So it's pretty clear what is happening but I don't know why it's doing this when repeat setting is off. When the first track finishes it clears from the top and another song is added at the bottom. This is the logic for indefinite repeat. I think the bug is simply the queue is being populated as if it will repeat when it shouldn't. I don't know think it is actually repeating it, just a dodgy UI bug.  It's annoying because I can't easily see what songs are left in the queue without scrolling up and checking where it repeats. 


iPhone 6 

iOS 9.0.1



Most of my playlists are under 50 tracks, and this is a problem I've noticed for the last several weeks that I've been hoping would simply go away. However, it persists, which is bothersome since I will often hear the same track over and over. 

Status changed to: Closed

Single  track in playlist. White noise for sleeping. Offline mode. With looping off the playlist queue shows the track once.

one time loop enabled and same result. Endless loop enabled and the track appears 50 times. Playing ceases after the 50th instance and has to be reinitiated. I checked to see if behavior was different with Offline mode disabled and it was not. So, there appears to be a 50 count limit to how many times you can loop a track when playing. Thinking this may have to do with revenue and royalty matters.


Windows 10 phone on Lumia 735.



Android 11