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HP Pavilion Laptop

Operating System

Windows 10


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Spotify won't play any music in the app or in the web player. All of my playlists, favourite songs, and everybody else's playlists all show no songs. This is extremely frustrating. I was just thinking about upgrading to premium and now I can't play or listen to anything! I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app and everything related, and it never works. There must be a problem with my account. This is extremely frustrating! Please help me fix this.


I've attached a screenshot of what spotify looks like when I click the play button on a playlist from another page. When I open a playlist, it just tells me it's empty.


Screenshot (4).png

Hey everyone,


Thanks for the info you've provided so far. The right teams are still looking into this.


In the meantime, try the following:

  • Log out > Restart desktop > Log back in
  • Reinstall app from the website/from Windows Store (depending on device).

After that, remove all lines from their hosts file that are blocking Spotify.


  1. If you're on Windows:
    1. Open Notepad as an administrator (right-click - Open as Administrator)
    2. Go to File - Open and navigate to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
    3. Choose "All Files" instead of "Text Documents" next to the File Name box. You'll see a handful of files. Pick hosts and click on Open
    4. When the file is open, you will see a block of text with # in front of each line and might see entries like website.com127.0.0.1
    5. Check for any entries with Spotify in the address. Examples may look like: weblb-wg.gslb.spotify.com0.0.0.0
    6. If you do find any lines with Spotify, please remove them.
    7. Save your changes and restart Spotify.
  2. If you're on a Mac:
    1. Open Finder and, in Finder’s menu bar, select Go > Go to Folder. In the box, type the following location: /private/etc/hosts and press return.
    2. A new Finder window will open and your Mac’s hosts file will be selected. Click and drag it out of the Finder window and drop it on your desktop. 
    3. To open it, simply double-click and it will display the file’s contents in TextEdit.
    4. Check for any entries with Spotify in the address.
    5. If you do find any lines with Spotify, remove them.
    6. Save your changes and restart Spotify.

If it didn't help, let us know and make sure to add a +Vote and let us know when this started, and a timestamp of the last time you saw the issue. We'll keep you updated here. 



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Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

ALL my playlists that I follows previously and my created playlists are EMPTY!!! It happens after I reinstall my spotify. Even spotify's playlist that I follow is empty. What is happening!!!


I have that problem too. Reinstalled spotify because it wasn't playing some songs and now all of my playlists and spotify playlists are empty and I cannot listen to any song that I find.


The same thing happened to me too. I hope they can somehow fix this









Desktop / Laptop (HP and Asus)

Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

 Since a week I can't play songs anymore in Spotify via the desktop on two different Laptops (Asus and HP). If I click on a song, the desktop says 'Spotify can't play this song. If the file is on your computer, you can import it.' It says this for EVERY song I want to play. Through mobile everything works fine. 


Things I tried that did not work:

1. Log out and log in again

2. Re-install the desktop version of spotify

3. Restart computer

4. Disabled hardware acceleration (doesn't help if I let it disabled or when I enable it again)


Can anyone help me with this?


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Hey there @erikvm23,

thanks for posting in the community !


As some adjustments were made on the Spotify Desktop app, please try reinstalling the app one more time to see if it helps.


If it didn't and because you mantioned it happens on PC OS only, make sure you OS are updated.

Click on the Win update feature and have it check you system.


In some cases, out of date audio drivers are the issue. 

Please check these as well.


Let me know how you did =)




Tried it all, but it had no effect.


- Re-installed Spotify

- Updated Windows

- Updated audio drivers

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Hi @Keenright!

Not to worry, your Spotify playlists haven’t disappeared - it sounds like you might’ve accidentally created a second account and signed into that one instead. I'd recommend checking out the FAQ page "Can I create multiple accounts?" here for more info.

If you’re definitely logged into the right account, but you’re still not seeing some playlists, I’d suggest reading this Spotify Answer for the correct steps.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Jose,

I'm definitely logged into the right one-I only have one, which is connected to both my email and my facebook account.


Recovering playlists isn't working. My playlists are there, and are showing as empty. It's literally EVERY playlist I try to open, including ones created by spotify that I know are not empty. My favourite songs section is also empty, despite me having a ton of songs saved there. So are all my daily mixes, every type of radio, etc. Everything is empty.

And when I try to play any song in the web browser player, nothing happens.

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Hey @Keenright!


Thanks for your reply. Can you let me know if this happens on every device or is it just on the desktop version of Spotify? Also, I'd recommend checking out this guide for some troubleshooting steps for Windows devices. As far as the Web Player not working properly, can you try using another browser or Incognito Mode? It might also be worth trying another device or a different internet connection.

Keep me posted and have a nice day!


Exact same problem, how is there no response for this? They seem perfectly fine on my phone, but they appeared with only 20 something songs on my laptop, I reinstalled it and now EVERY playlist is empty! Tried everything I could think of, including the many ways of "turning it off and on again"