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Playlists not showing on Roku

Hey there folks,


You should be now able to view and search for playlists from Spotify directly on your Roku device.


If you're still having troubles, we'd suggest trying these steps first. If the issue persists, we'd recommend posting about this in the related Help Board. We'll be happy to lend a hand there!


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"Now playing" shows the last song I listened to on the app a month or more ago. "What's New" loads. "Top Tracks" loads. But my playlists will not.


This is literally the only reason I pay for Premium, and now it is broken.


I've seen several other people post the same issue, then their thread was closed with no solution posted.


Same here. Will be cancelling subscription. Constant issues.


my roku tv spotify app is not loading my playlists.  is there a way to fix this?  i have looked at other posts but it may be that there is no soltuion.  i hope i have just overlooked the solution to my question.


Same here and on our Samsung Smart TV. Both Roku app and Samsung smarthub app are poor performers! Both apps are full of issues and always have been. These issues, mainly not loading the playlists and now not showing them at all, have been going on for a long time with NO FIX. The last old fix was over 2 years ago, older than my smart TV itself. And to boot the apps have limited capability compared to the smartphone or desktop versions. Why????


Guess it's time to just cancel the subscription. Wonder where you can file a complaint to ask for your past subscription to be refunded due to loss of functionality?


I've been using the app on roku for years with no problems, but I noticed last night it won't load my playlists either.

I'm getting rid of Spotify today most likely. Amazon unlimited music is
cheaper, has the same selections I need, has all the apps for my devices
smart, (except for the smart TV and Roku - but I'm sure they will soon -
and Spotify isn't working on either anyway!). Like Spotify premium, Amazon
unlimited music allows you to also download and listen offline too.

Sick of waiting for Spotify to fix these problems.

@midgemolecules- Amazon music does have a Roku app now! I was just looking into it, and it's definitely tempting. Only the thought of having to remake all of my playlists is holding me back now LOL


This is the same issue I had with the Spotify Roku app in October 2015 when I posted in this community. It eventually was resolved after a few weeks, but the lack of any update on the situation from Spotify was pretty unprofessional. Now that it is happening again it would be nice to figure out what the problem is as a big reason I got premium was to listen on all my Roku devices.


I canceled Spotify today. Already have Amazon prime, and their unlimited music option is only $7.99. They have a standalone desktop player like spotify, you can use an app like Stamp to transfer over all your playlists, and they have apps for your devices that are very similar to those by Spotify. Hopefully there will be a Roku and smart TV app soon, but in the meantime I can bluetooth from my phone to my samsung wireless sound bar system.

Bye Spotify!