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Playlists not showing on Roku

Status: Fixed

Hey there folks,


You should be now able to view and search for playlists from Spotify directly on your Roku device.


If you're still having troubles, we'd suggest trying these steps first. If the issue persists, we'd recommend posting about this in the related Help Board. We'll be happy to lend a hand there!


Have a lovely day 🙂

I hear you, and I've appreciated reading your input here, too. Spotify went
from 100 million users last September to 150 million presently, so to say
they're experiencing growing pains would be putting it mildly. Almost all
music and streaming service providers, along with software manufacturers of
local music-server platforms have gone to the Forum-only avenue of problem
resolution - no phone support - and in part, I understand why this is
advisable for them. While I don't prefer this method, with some other
companies I've gotten good support this way, just not with Spotify. I'm
pretty much giving up on Spotify for the Roku. I had a Google Chromecast
Audio ($30) working so well before, I hooked my mom up with it and now am
getting myself another. Using Spotify on my phone this way, I found no
reason to pull up my Roku app even when it was working. I'm thinking audio
casting like this is why Deezer (more songs than Spotify and iPhone app
looks almost identical) doesn't - and likely won't - have a Roku app in the

Two roku premier that also won't load playlist.  I don't know if this is tech issue or proprietary copyright issue.  But I also see no reason to continue subscription.  Zero value without this feature


I'm the original poster and when 

I heard and saw all these members cancelling their subscription right away I thought wow give spotify some time but this is beyond ridiculous now I just cancelled mine like geez spotify my god


Playlists won't load on any of my ROKU anymore. I have 5 ROKU. It just happened in the last week. It worked great up until then. You guys changed something. I need the playlists or will be going to Amazon.Thanks


Outrageous that this goes on for weeks. Screw your IPO.

@eisweino has it right. That upcoming IPO has them all focused on nothing
else. No good work is coming out of them presently, everything at a
standstill until after the offering, even then Roku is low on the totem
pole ...

If you look on twitter at spotify and roku comments, their "Spotify Cares" is STILL responding with messages like "That's not cool at all! Are you getting any specific error messages? A screenshot would also come in handy /NS" It's such total B.S. 


The thing is, I am not normally someone who is impatient with tech issues, or harps on problems, or who would ever posts on forums like this!! I honestly came here thinking I had done something wrong with my account. I figured tech issue, fixed in a few days.


But then seeing that there really is an issue, and these fake twitter replies, while they continue to bill customers for a monthly fee, not acknowledging what a huge service change they made, it's just appalling to me. 


I just added this app on my Roku streaming stick for the first time and it has no option for playlists. From other comments it looks like it used to have this option?!? Pretty much worthless app if i have to manually search to play anything. Please add this feature that is available on EVERY other spotify app I've used on all other devices.


Spotify was unable to hire a Roku programmer due to insufficient funding. Their subscriptions are not bringing in enough income. Their plan is to have an IPO to generate the funds to create a functioning Roku channel. We should be hearing about this IPO shortly. If it goes through, they will be able to afford a new Roku channel. If not, there will be no more Spotify!


App for Roku is the only reason I started paying, and it worked for about a week. No reason to keep up the premium subscription.